Accepted payment methods on Google Play

Today is the era of smartphones and everyone is enjoying the awesomeness of the smartphones. Do you know that Android is being used in the most of the smartphones? Although iOS is also a main operating system in smartphones but iOS is being used only in Apple devices. Many largest phone selling brands are using android as the operating system for their phones. The ease and functionality makes the android first choice of many users.


If you own an android smartphone then you definitely know that you have to download apps and games from your Play store for your phone. Google play store is the largest apps and games provider for the android smartphones.

Apps on Google Play

There are millions of games and apps on the Google play. Some of these games and apps are free for public use and you can download these without buying. So these apps and games are free of cost. Some apps are available at different rates. So, you have to pay some charges to use such paid apps and games. It is not like physical cash payment, you have to pay by digital resources like credit card or debit card.

Payment methods on Google Play

Google Play Store developed from Android advertising in 2012 and is presently home to more than two million applications, films, and books. Today, you can buy applications and other computerized content from the Google Play utilizing a wide assortment of methods. Google continues including another payment method each once a while to ensure that applications and other substance are made open to everybody. In any case, it can be small befuddling to make sense of what payment methods are accessible in your nation. In this way, I chose to scoop through the Google help pages and rundown all the acknowledged payment methods on the Play Store

The payment methods for Google play are different for each country and region. If a method is available in some country it does not mean that it will be available in your country too. First of all you need to make sure that your country supports the payment methods that are available on Google play.

If we consider general methods of payment on Google Play then here are some methods that are applicable in most of the countries and you can use these methods to make payment in most of the countries. Some methods can vary for some specific countries but that is not a problem for you. So let’s jump into the main content that what are the acceptable payment methods on Google Play?

Credit and Debit Cards

If we discuss in general, here are some credit and debit cards that are acceptable on Google play as payment methods:

1.     MasterCard

Master card is acceptable and used in most of the countries around the globe so it is the most common way to make any online payment. Master card is acceptable on Google play too and you can use this to make any purchase on the Google Play.

2.     Visa

Just like Master card, visa cards are also used as acceptable payment method on Google play. If you have any of these two options available then you can easily make any purchase on Google play. If you have any issue while using these options then there are some other ways too.

3.     American Express

In The United States of America, most of the users use American Express as a standard payment method on Google play.

4.     Discover (US only)

Google play also supports Discover but it is only supported in The US and you may not be able to use this option outside The United States.

5.     JCB

This Payment method is only applicable for Japan and US only.

6.     Visa Electron

Visa electron is not available in US and it is only available outside the US.

7.     Direct Carrier Billing

In 2014, Google presented another carrier billing choice, wherein making any buys from Play Store will be charged to your telephone carrier’s bill. Google has been currently working with carriers worldwide to bring direct carrier billing to whatever number nations as could be allowed. Starting at now, coordinate carrier billing is accessible in around 45 nations.

Gift Cards

Many other companies have partnership with Google and these companies are offering some special digital gift cards that you can use to make purchase on Google Play. You are provided with a special digital coupon or code that you can redeem on Google Play to claim your purchase and so, you don’t have to pay any extra cash for the purchase. These gift cards have some specific worth and if you have a gift card of worth $25 then you can make a purchase of $25 from Google play and your gift card will be used as a payment method on Google play.

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