Best Play Store Games to play without Internet connection

Any time is good to disconnect from the routine and enjoy one of the many games that abound in Google Play. However, although every time is something that happens to a lesser extent, it is not always possible to enjoy an Internet connection, something that more and more games for Android require.

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Luckily, there are always developers who decide to create games intended to be used without the need for an Internet connection, either during a trip or in a place where the coverage shines by their absence. That’s why, one more year we come to recommend you some of the best games for Android that do not need Internet connection.

Zig Zag

A game as simple as addictive, in which our mission will be to click on the screen to change the direction of the ball and keep it inside the platform , for as long as possible.

GT Racing 2

Probably one of the best racing simulators available on Android . GT Racing 2 puts at your disposal more than 71 different cars in more than 13 circuits around the whole planet, with impressive graphics and controls.

Tank Hero: Laser Wars

Back to the arcade games with Tank Hero: Laser Wars . In this case we enter hundreds of battles with our small tank, which we will be able to improve as we unlock new upgrades and accessories.

Zombie Age 3

Zombies, weapons and hundreds of different levels, is all that is needed to spend an entertaining time with our smartphone. In Zombie Age 3 the streets are flooded with undead with which we will end up shooting with more than 30 weapons and 20 characters, each with completely different abilities.

Alto’s Adventure

For many, a masterpiece in which, next to our snowboard , we will embark on our way down the mountain to experience great adventures . Taking advantage of the second edition of the game is just around the corner, it is a great time to enjoy this beautiful and relaxing game.


Another precious and indispensable game that puts us in the skin of a child in his adventures in Limbo , where he will have to flee from dangerous enemies and overcome different obstacles, all accompanied by a dark and minimalist appearance.

Monument valley 2

Another of the games that, despite not taking too many years between us, has already become a classic. Monument Valley is another of our essential thanks to their worlds full of impossible architectures full of beauty, accompanied by a great soundtrack that accompanies us throughout all levels of the game.

These are some of the best games for Android that do not need internet connection.

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