How to free up storage space on your Android phone?

Freeing up storage space is one of the most common issues on the Android operating system , as mobile devices and tablets have limited internal memory, and when the device usually reaches its limit, devices tend to slow down. Many times, the user does not want to delete applications , but it is one of the simplest and most convincing outputs to solve the problem of slowdown. In this article, we’ll see how to free up storage space on Android , simply and quickly.

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First step to free up storage space

One of the least traumatic measures for the user, is to install a large capacity microSD memory card (more than 4GB) and try to install everything in that memory to free storage space from the internal memory. This will help a bit to recover speed, but actually programs or apps installed in memory consume some internal memory, therefore, it is not a definitive solution, but it helps a lot to improve the performance of the Android computer .
Second step to free up storage space

The second step we can take to free up storage space is definitely to eliminate applications that we are not using, or those that really take up space on our Android . To do this, go to the configuration menu and once there, look for the ” Application Manager ” option .

When you enter this option, you will notice that a list of the installed applications is displayed, with a ratio of occupied space of internal memory. Now, we proceed to uninstall applications. To do this, we must select an app and “Stop”, if we do not want to delete it, or “Delete cache”, to improve performance. But, if we really want to free up storage space , we select “Uninstall”, to delete the app, whether it is in the internal memory, the memory card, or downloaded.

Third step to free up storage space

Once we debug from unnecessary apps, we must remove media files that we are not using, such as songs, videos and photos, so we can free up extra storage space. If we do not want to lose them, we can make a backup to our PC or another mass storage device . Finally, we clear the cache and temporary files of the web browser that we use, in this way, the Android device, will be in excellent operating conditions and we will have freed up enough storage space.