Google Play Store APK

The Play Store is the official Android app store in which you can find all Android apps. Normally, it comes installed by default on all Android devices, but if you erased it or for some reason do not have it installed, here we will talk about Google Play Store APK download.

This app is necessary since is one of the best ways to download app in a safe way. However, there are other alternative stores as Aptoide which you can download for free too from its official website.

Play Store features

Besides of downloading content, Play Store has other amazing services such as the Google+ Community, in which you can test the beta versions of the applications you like the most. Also, with this store you can download movies, books and music. If you want to buy a book, a movie or some music you can save it for later in your “wishlist”.

If you have a family device and you want to make sure they will not stumble on some of the explicit content on the Play Store. You just have to open the Play Store settings and enable parental controls. After that, you can filter movies, TV, apps and games. You can also filter books and music that are marked as “explicit”.

Google Play Store APK download

Now, for the Google Play Store APK download you can go to the APK mirror webpage, in which you will find free and safe applications: Once you are there, you just have to write “Play Store” on the searching area and download the Play Store version you want to use.

It is important for you to allow the installation of applications from unknown sources in the security menu of your Android device. Just go to your phone or tablet’s settings and in the security menu you will see the option “Unknow sources” which you have to check in order to allow the app.

Android Play Store

It is important that after you download and install the Play Store you uncheck that option in order to prevent your device from being infected with some malware of fake applications that you could download accidentally from certain websites.

Because from now on, you can download applications in a safe way from the enormous variety that the Play Store offers. However, if you want to keep downloading content from websites or applications different from the Play Store, you might keep the “Unknown sources” checked.

Play Store free

Now that you installed the Play Store you should check all the options you have to manage your preferences, for example: the store can upload new versions of the apps automatically, but you can change that in the settings. In that way, you can select if you prefer your apps to be uploaded manually.

We hope you find this post very useful and enjoy your Google Play Store APK download and all its amazing features, applications, books, movies and music in a totally free and safe way.