The Best and Most Popular Google Apps in 2018

Google is not a simple company; it is an entire phenomenon that has taken the world by a storm.  Google has transformed the life of every person who has access to the internet by making their lives more easy and convenient. There has been a series of revolutionary products introduced in the past decades by Google. These applications were both specialized, purposeful and easy-to-use.

In 2018, we saw a rather surprising phenomenon in which there was a boom of cleverly crafted applications which brought ease to every Google-familiar user’s life. Some of these applications are useful in the sense that they help you perform everyday chores effectively while the rest are entertaining and engaging means to spend time.

We have archived a list of most popular and most useful Google apps below. We hope that you will be able to maximize your utility through them and enjoy them the most. While some of these apps are extremely popular and you have probably heard of them, the others are relatively less known. This is exactly why reviewing this list of viable apps can help your life remarkably so gear up soldier and read on;

1-   Gboard:

Let’s start with the basics first. Most of us tend to overlook the basics because they seem bland but the inclusion of these basics can make your life remarkably easier. In the realm of keyboards, you are probably already aware of the default settings but did you know something is amazing out there called Gboard?

G board is an interactive keyboard that has succeeded in engaging millions of users around the world thanks to its easy to use and resourceful interface. The Gboard is interesting in the regard that it contains a very integrated amalgamation of highly useful and productive features which make it convenient and time-saving.

The keyboard was named Glyde typing by google, and it was popularized not through capital-intensive marketing campaigns but its utility. The Gboard has features similar to that of Swipe, so you do not need to look for individual letters and press the keys. All you have to do is simply swipe away to form sentences. That is a fun and effortless way to type and as if that was not enough, the Gboard has google search inbuilt to it which means that you don’t need to run chrome or your browser (and close the chatbox while at that) to look up data. The resultsmay come in the form of actual typed information or other formats like images and giphys. No need to imagine how easy it gets. Just download the Gboardand experience the difference for yourself.

2-   Google Opinion Rewards:

Want to make something out of nothing? This Google Opinion Rewards is a way to snatch money out of thin air. All you need to do is fill out a series of paid surveys by Google, and you are good to go with a thick stash of cash in your pocket. You see, companies have devised elaborate mechanisms to ensure that they have a relatively honest assessment of what the users need to cater to their demands. These surveys are relatively short so they will pay barely a minute and a half and they up to 50 p. Best way to make some quick buck.

3-   Solid Explorer File Management:

It’s hard to manage your android phone because it has just so much stored in it. If there was a way to organize and catalog your files according to their nature, it would be awesome, and your life would get a lot easier. That’s what Solid File Explorer does.

The main purpose of the file management application is to facilitate the process of moving your files around and store them in organized folders. You do not have to pick up files and move them around manually; the solid Explorer File Manager is at your disposal to perform the task for you in minimal memory bracket.

4-   Trusted Contacts:

Yet another innovative application by Google which ensures your safety in doubtful venues including public spaces. All you need to do is shortlist a few more trustworthy contacts, and the application will take care of the rest. You just need to activate the application, and it will request you for your location, and you are not able to send it in five minutes it will send your last recorded location to your loved ones even if you are stuck in situations with low battery and safe signal.

After obtaining the location in serious situations, your loved ones will try their best to extract more information and reach the locale mentioned by trusted contacts so you can reach your home safe and sound. You can even tap the screen to notify your loved ones that you have reached your destination and issue several related alarms.

5-   Google PlayBooks:

If you are one for books and literature and you cannot afford to spend the time and effort in investing into the creation of a proper hard copy library, with organized shelves, this application is for you. This revolutionary application has become a favorite of all the book lovers out there for its easy-to-use layout and additional features.

The bonus comes in the form of unlimited access to books that you have uploaded previously on your drive. In this manner, you can upload your favorite books and review them using a multitude of devices including your tablet, pc, mobile, and laptop. What else could a book reader ask for apart from a free personal library which they can carry in their pocket and access anywhere.

6-   Google Play Music:

Best creation ever because it makes music accessible to everyone at a nominal fee of 9.99 pounds per month for ad-free streaming and that’s a big deal. Google Play Music is better than its competitors in the sense that it enables you to upload numbers and audio files from your collection if you find that the existing file does not contain your desired files.

As a bonus, when YouTube Red becomes vogue in the UK, you can use your Google Play Music subscription to access both platforms and rip their services on a single payment per month. Seriously can it get any better?

7-   Google Fit:

Google is amazing in that it has diversified its proposition to cater to the needs of almost every faction of its loyalists and prospective clients. If you are a health buff or planning on burning calories, this application is simply perfect for you because it will cover your present progress in the way of calorie gauging and production.

It is the ideal way of documenting your walking, jogging, running and other fitness related activities and it also helps with tracking your aggregate progress and issuing instructions and suggestions for the next step.

8-   Google Translate:

Here’s a bit of freebie for all the travelers who have not yet mastered start-up linguistic manuals related to the country they are visiting. Its alright, Google understands your plight and has a solution for you in the form of this application. Instead of typing incomprehensible words out you just need to point your camera at the text and then voila

Final Thoughts!

Now that you have a list of very useful applications that can make your day to day chores easier by simply recording data and issuing relevant tips and suggestions, you can convert your cell phone into an invaluable treasure trove of information specific to you and your lifestyle. That way, your phone will not just be a gadget but a resource, and that’s what it means to gain maximum from your investment. Try these applications and let us know what you think of them.