Play Store Update

Recently, several users have been reporting a Google PlayStore Update which will make it much easier and faster to download and install an application. The truth is that the developers of Google have been working a lot in the store since they want to find a way to optimize downloads and others things.

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So, thanks to several studies it was verified that people do not get to download even one app per month which is quite worrying.

Therefore, the company is constantly updating the aesthetic part and improving all the errors to give better benefits to the users. This is why it is not so surprising the appearance of this small update which has been reported by several people. However, this Playstore update is not available to all users.

Knowing relevant information about PlayStore Update

This update is quite light, but also significant. You have brought a new change, this allows you to download an application from the search results; this means that you no longer need to enter the description of the same to be able to install. This way will avoid some steps that occur in the process of download.

PlayStore Update (last version)

The latest official version can be downloaded from the Google Play store. Then, we must check by double clicking on the box of the version of compilation or version of Play Store in the window of adjustments or configuration of the equipment.

We must remember that from the moment that Google Play launches an update can take days or weeks to reach our teams. Otherwise, if we are anxious to update our Google Play, we have as an alternative to downloading APK, the download process is similar to what we would do for any other application.

Steps to download PlayStore Update APK

Firstly, we have to prepare our team by enabling the option of external applications. To do this is very simple; we should only go to the window Settings, Security, and “Allow installation of unofficial apps or unknown sources”. This will grant us permission to install any app with the .apk extension on our device.

After downloading, and having the previous version in our device, we proceed to execute or install the application, we just have to access the source folder where we save the .apk file from the Store and open it. Finally, you have to accept the permissions to it can be executed correctly.

However, it is important to note that there are some installations which have failures. For that reason, we show you a list of the most common errors that usually occur when you update Play Store or any of its applications once it has been installed.

Knowing Common Errors of PlayStore update

Generally, the most common error when installing PlayStore on any of our devices is that it is not compatible with the store, either for a license not certified by Google, a version of Android very old, or some other operating system that isn’t compatible with this virtual platform.

In these cases, it is impossible to access the store. But, in particular cases, some compatibility errors can be circumvented by installing APK file, or in case it is incompatible with your country, simply, you just have to run some VPN application to pass your connection on a server from another country and install it without any problem.

Once you have installed the Play Store, you can also see some common mistakes within the app, such as impossibility to download an application, connection failure with the store, download error, and many other problems which we will specify below.

Error Package File Invalid: it is an error in the Google Play app, to solve it, simply you have to go to the application settings and erase all your data, cache and restart the device to finish.

Error retrieving information from server: This is a fairly common message that appears when updating or downloading an app. If the problem does not disappear in the course of a brief time, there is some problem with the servers.

Error DF-DLA-15: it is a frequent error when the download of the update fails; the cause of the error has not been defined exactly but is remedied by deleting the data from the Google Play Store in the device settings. If the problem persists, simply delete and re-add the Google account.

Error RPC: s-3 and Error RPC: AEC: 0: They are very similar errors in which it is impossible to download the application. The solution is to delete the accounts registered in the device and delete the store data in the settings. When restarting and re-entering the account the error should have been fixed.

Error DF-BPA-09: This particular error occurs during the purchase of an application, which prevents the download from performing properly. To resolve this, you need to delete your Google Play Services data.

So, we hope this information can help you to download the new PlayStore Update and thus, you can enjoy all its services.