Google Play Store For HTC

HTC is a global electronics company, headquartered in Taiwan and specializing smartphones, mobile phones, tablets and PDAs. It has released a wide variety of high quality mobile devices that have made it one of the greatest manufacturers of smartphones and tablets all over the world. The latest HTC smartphones are extremely modern with impressively high performance that immediately motivates you to open the Google Play Store to enjoy all the features of your HTC device and download as many apps, games, music and movies as will fit.


Google Play Store for HTC One smartphones

The HTC One M7 is a brilliant, affordable smartphone; it will really come as a surprise to you if you notice the high performance in relation to its price. This Android smartphone has a remarkably long battery life. So, you can browse social media or enjoy your favorite addictive games from the Play Store for endless hours. This marvelous HTC phone also features a great speaker, so you’ll probably want to download all your favorite music from Google Play Music onto it as well.

The HTC One M8 is the step up from the M7. It has something to suit everyone’s style as it comes in many different and wonderful colors. Running your essential Play Store apps on this phone will make your daily life easier, such as your email applications and fitness trackers. The M8 also has a solid graphics processor, which makes even heavy games operate smoothly.

And the last HTC One smartphone is the HTC One M9. It is the most modern of the HTC One series. This chic Android phone boasts a fantastic main camera and selfie camera, meaning it is perfect to take and share pictures and videos on your Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat or whatever hot social media apps you can find in the Google Play Store, all in addition to the high performance that it has.

How to download Google Play Store For HTC

As long as your HTC is running on the Android operating system, it should come with the Google Play Store application, already installed and ready to go when you open the box. However, it’s possible that you are missing the official certificate from Google and you don’t have the Play Store application on your HTC device, which could be due to various reasons. One reason might be that your HTC device was rooted, then the device would have been able to have a system app like Google Play uninstalled, but this doesn’t occur by accident—you would know if you rooted your HTC phone, assuming you bought it new. Another reason is buying a secondhand HTC device, so the user who sold it to you may have rooted it previously, and then uninstalled Play Store from the phone.

But probably the most common reason is buying an HTC device from China at a deep discount. You see, most cheap HTC devices are usually not official products. In fact, they are often called “clone devices”, because they look authentic, but really aren’t. For this reason, they don’t have the official Google certificate, and it is that Google certificate which makes the Google Play Store app and other standard system apps come preinstalled on original Android devices. So, a clone phones will not come with the Play Store app most of the time.

If that’s the case, or if you just need to reinstall the Google Play Store because you are having problems with it, simply read the process below.

Download and install Play Store for HTC devices

To download the Google Play Store APK file for HTC, follow these steps:

  1. First, ensure you are downloading it from a trusted source, such as our website.
  2. Secondly, you need to enable the “unknown sources” setting on your HTC, which is disabled by default. When disabled, it doesn’t allow users to install applications from places other than the Play Store. To install the APK file that you download from our site, this setting has to be enabled. You can find it in the security settings or the privacy settings of the HTC device.
  3. Then, open your web browser and search for the Google Play Store application file (APK), or just use the download link in this post. Once located, you have to download it to your device. It will usually be stored in the downloads folder. Tap on the APK file in that folder or directly from the “download complete” notification. It should open the file in an app called Package Installer.
  4. Next, click on the install button; it will take a minute or two to install the Google Play Store on your HTC device. Please, don’t forget to go back to your HTC settings and disable unknown sources for security reasons.