Google Play Store for LG Smartphone

LG is a company in South Korea that is well known all over the world for manufacturing electronics, such as smartphones, televisions, and even kitchen tools. In fact, LG has become especially famous for its mobile phones, tablets and personal computers, keeping their users connected wherever they are, regardless what time it is.


In fact, LG is now considered to be the third largest mobile phone company in the whole world, producing a wide series of smartphones with great features to suit your life in a way you’ve never imagined. LG has been producing smartphones running on the Android operating system, as well as tablets, since 2009, which include the LG G4, LG V10, LG Flex2, LG Optimus Pad, the LG G Pad, and many other devices. Like other Android products, LG devices rely on Google Play Store as their official app and entertainment marketplace.

Play Store for LG devices

Google Play Store is such an essential app on any Android device, that you’re going to need it to get the most out of your LG phone or tablet.

For example, the LG G4 is a lightweight Android smartphone which has been a big hit amongst amateur photographers and even professionals. If you are in love with taking good pictures, you will be very pleased with the phone’s 16 megapixel main camera for posting the best photos on your Instagram, Facebook and other social media applications that are available in the Play Store.

On the other hand, LG has released its first smartphone, the LG V10, that is designed especially for taking wonderful videos. This Android smartphone comes with a huge RAM, prepared to take really marvelous videos without sacrificing phone performance, along with accuracy control over video features such as the video’s frames per second rate and its shutter speed. A video editing app from the Google Play Store could be all you need to make your shots into a full-fledged movie!

Also, if you are a mobile gamer, you will love the LG Flex2, with its unique ergonomic shape that will fit comfortably in your hands for hours of playing games. Not to mention, the Flex2 has an amazing battery life of 20 hours, and it is able to fast charge, so gamers can enjoy all of their preferred games from the Play Store without any interruption.

How to download Google Play Store for your LG device

As long as LG smartphones are operating on Android OS, your LG device should already come with Google Play Store preinstalled as one of its system applications, along with others like Gmail, Hangouts, Maps, etc.

Well, if you’ve noticed that your Android LG smartphone is missing this crucial app, there are some possible reasons for this trouble. But it’s easy to fix — to see how, skip to the next section.

Some reasons why this could have happened: if your LG smartphone was bought from China at a very low price, it could be a clone phone; in other words, not an official Google smartphone. Also, if you purchased a secondhand device, maybe the previous owner had rooted it and uninstalled Google Play. Whatever the issue is, something happened to your LG smartphone before it got to you that left it without Google’s official certificate.

Sometimes, people just want to download the latest version of Play Store to their LG device before their turn comes up in the wait for automatic updates. There’s nothing wrong with that!

Luckily, if you need to manually install the Play Store app for any reason, doing it is fairly simple.

Steps to download and install Play Store for LG

First, you need to switch the security settings on your device so you can install the Google Play Store app from another source. Change this by going to Settings, then to Security, and enable “Allow installing apps from unknown sources”. This step is important to install the latest version of Google Play Store from an external source, such as our site.

After that’s finished, go to your internet browser on your LG phone or tablet, open it, and search for “Play Store APK”, or simply use the Play Store APK download link in this post. Just press “download”, and wait a while to finish the download. When the application file has downloaded, you will receive a notification message in the notifications bar.

After you finish downloading the Play Store APK file, you need to open it up by tapping on the “download complete” notification which we just mentioned above. If you dismissed it by mistake, you can look in your LG’s file manager app in the “downloads” folder. You now are able to install Google Play on your LG by following the instructions which will be displayed on your screen. Usually, this just involves tapping “Install” and then accepting any pop-up warnings you get.

You see? It’s quite a simple process. Now that you’ve got the official Google Play Store installed on your LG device, you’re ready to enjoy all its features, and to search for apps, games, music, films and lots more.