Play Store for Nokia

Nokia is a very well known brand in the mobile phone market, and one that just about everyone has heard of. It was the most popular mobile phone for many years not too long ago, due to the quality and reasonable prices of its devices. Since the beginning of using cellular telecommunications, Nokia was one of the first mobile devices to be used by increasing number of users for years. Originally running on Symbian OS, it was a simple, elegant, practical device to use with very few technical problems.


But nowadays, the world is being overloaded with new, more developed smartphones, of lots of new and old brands. Today’s customers worldwide now prefer a new smartphone over a traditional or “old-fashioned” cellphone. So, there was a point where Nokia was almost forgotten! Recently, in order to bring its name back to the markets, Nokia has released new Android smartphones, trying to compete with others like Samsung, Sony and other major brands using today’s top mobile operating system. These Nokia smartphones have very good quality and reasonable prices, just like always. Unlike the older devices that operated on Symbian OS, Nokia’s new smartphones run on Android OS, which is inarguably one of the top operating systems worldwide.

Play Store for Nokia Android phones

There are many markets available for installing Android apps and digital content, but the best is definitely the official Google Play Store. It is the market where you can freely and easily install your essential apps, songs, media, books and high-definition movies, with its practically unlimited collections of everything you may need for any Android device, including your new Nokia smartphone.

Generally, Google Play Store is pre-installed in all Android devices, so it should already be on your Nokia as long as it’s one of the newer models, and not one of the Symbian OS phones. But, if for some reason your device does not have it pre-installed, you’ll need to install it yourself. Don’t panic! It’s quite simple, and we’ll show you how to download Play Store on your Nokia right here in this post.

How to install Google Play Store on your Nokia smartphone?

In order to download Google Play Store on your Nokia device running Android OS, just follow one of these ways:

  1. Using your computer. Open the browser on your PC and look for the Play Store APK file. But be careful, there are many sites that are not safe to download from, so select a safe and trusted site such as ours. When you find the Play Store APK file, click the download link to download it to your PC. If your browser asks what you want to do with the file, choose to “Save” it, and make sure you know where it is being saved so you can find it in the next step. Use a USB cable or Bluetooth connection to transfer your downloaded APK file from the PC to your Nokia Android device. Before opening the file on your Nokia, make sure you change your security settings to allow “downloads from unknown sources”. Then, tap the file to open and install.
  2. Directly install Play Store on your Nokia device. Search for the Play Store APK file using the browser on your Nokia, using the download link in this post, for example. When you find it, tap to download. But, because the Android system allows installation of apps from only one trusted source, the Google Play Store, you will need to go to your Nokia’s security settings and just put a check on the option “download from unknown sources”. When the download is complete, you will receive a notification; tap it to go instantly to the downloaded file, or you can use your device’s file manager to find it. Tap the APK file to install it onto your device.

Now, you will find that the icon of the Google Play Store app appearing on your Nokia device. Open, and enjoy!

For the first time you open Google Play, you may need to log in using your Google account information. If you don’t have a Google account, it’s an easy task to get one. Simply go to the Gmail site and create a new account. Now you can browse, search and download whatever you need. Unlimited apps and games for your Nokia in the Google Play Store are just one tap away, most of them free of charge.