Playstore app to my Phone

I need to playstore app to my phone. What to do?

A file can be deleted or corrupted and any app can be terminated at any second. It can inexplicably disappear from our phone’s app drawer. That is why it is a good idea to keep a back of all our apps. If everything else fails, there shall always be a safeguard in your pc. Another reason to keep reading this article is to learn what to do when we do not possess one of the most basic services in an Android device. If you wonder how to playstore app to my phone, we will show you the basic pointers.

The Google Play Store is perhaps the most basic application an Android device must have. It comes preinstalled in our phones as soon as we start it up. Among the first configurations we must make is to enter our account information to log into the Play Store.

After all, this application is also one of the basics. Because it is the hub of every single official application for Android devices. By this point you should be picturing the major importance of never losing track of this application on your phone. You must keep a failsafe around should anything happens.

It may be the case that you own a phone that does not come with the Play store preinstalled from factory. You may resort to installing the apps you desire for your phone manually. Internet has many reliable sites where we can the installation file for the Play Store.

Where to Playstore app to my phone

The installation of the Play Store if it is not installed from factory on our phones requires the installations file of the Google Play Store. This file has an APK file extension, which is similar to the files in our PC; the difference lies is APK files are only destined to be run in an Android system.

The first place where we are going to look for this installation file is in the Play Store itself. Open the web browser in your PC, and search for “Play Store”. You may also follow this link to access it. Log in the Play Store using your Google account information (if you own a Gmail account, you can use this to log in the store). After logging in, search for “Play Store”, and select the first option in the results. You can also install “Google Play Services” which is the companion program for running the Play Store on your phone.

The second place where you will look for this installation file is in the World Wide Web. There are several websites dedicated to hosting any APK file you desire, and among them you will find the Play Store file. Look for a reliable site since there are some pages not exactly trustworthy, and the latest version the installation file for the Play Store. After the file, transfer it to your phone and to a secure storage, that way you will have failsafe for a rainy day.