How to download Play Store for Samsung Z2

In this article we have been able to know how Play Store can reach the Samsung Z2. Thanks to the Open Mobile Application Compatibility Layer, users who use a Tizen smartphone can install both the famous instant messaging application and many other applications designed for Android.

samsung Z2

There would be no Android application emulator for Tizen today we have to eat our own words. The appearance of Play Store in a Samsung Z2, identical to the version of Android, had to think, but the presence of an emulator in Tizen had been discarded.

But now we have a video in which we see how Application Compatibility Layer works, the Open Mobile application that will allow the execution of numerous Android applications on the Samsung platform. Simply install the application in question from the Tizen Store and once open ACL will ensure that it works , but at the cost of increased battery consumption.

On the one hand, the possibility of running applications from the Google operating system will help many suspicious users of a new OS to make the leap. But on the other hand it can also discourage developers when it comes to launching applications for Tizen, since they could simply port their Android versions. Equally we remain expectant before the imminent presentation of the Samsung Z2, all bet to compete in the market of the mobile operating systems, so polarized between Android and iOS is welcome.

Samsung Z2, Tizen and 4G Smartphone

The presentation of this new Samsung terminal has taken place in India, and this is no coincidence, because due to its low price it is expected that sales in that country are quite high. In India it is not common to pay more than $ 100 for a mobile, therefore, the Samsung Z2 only costs $ 68 , about 60 euros to change, a very low price if we consider the prices that we are accustomed to shuffle when talking of mobile phones.

Regarding the characteristics of the same, the Samsung Z2 is a simple terminal , something normal if we take into account its sale price. It has 1 GB of RAM along with a 1.5 GHz processor. Regarding the autonomy of the same, this device comes with a 1500 mAh battery , a little bit but sufficient for a user not very demanding. It also has a 4-inch screen  and 5 megapixel front and exterior camera. The Samsung Z2 is only available in a version with 8 GB of internal storage , but this is not a problem of space because it has a slot for cards of up to 128 GB, more than enough space for any user.

If we analyze these features in more detail we can check that 1 GB of RAM is too short for the levels we are talking about, but we must remember that this device does not have Android, but uses another operating system, so the memory in Tizen is managed differently and its applications do not tend to consume as much as those of the main operating systems. In addition, the Samsung Z2 comes with 4G coverage so users can enjoy more speed where this feature is available.


Taking into account the possibility that the majority of buyers of this terminal are located in India, the terminal comes with a service or ” bicycle mode “, so that users can operate the terminal in a simpler way while They are mounted on this vehicle.

Download Android Apps for Samsung Z2

Although Android apps of Play Store are now available for download on Tizen store, you can install the version made Android app using the ACL of  Open Mobile,  an app that includes thousands of titles of Android com part of its catalog. Without a doubt it is an opportunity that the users of Samsung Z2 would not let pass.

Due to the fact that the catalog of apps is hardly in development, you can download this app to run existing Android apps on Tizen devices, although for now it is a bit premature due to the fact that this mobile is not yet available in the consumer market.

For developers who want to try it or people who are using Tizen on a mobile, just enter the Tizen app store, find an app that has its similar in Android, such as WhatsApp, enter your Samsung account and download the ACL app by popup. Ls installation of Android apps will be done with just one click.

Samsung Z2 Tizen Experts indicates that for now the difference between both apps, is that the Tizen pulls more battery, but in the end, they are expected to consume the same type of energy.