How to use Play Store on Windows Phone

When Windows 10 was introduced there were many surprises that cheered more than one user. After talking at length about the computer operating system, which is already among us, they also talked about mobile platforms. The news that had more echo during the presentation was the compatibility with Android applications. According to Microsoft, we could install Android applications from play store  in Windows Phone .

Windows Phone

This ‘compatibility’ previously requires a process of adaptation through two tools that Microsoft will offer to developers . In this way, porting the Android application to Windows Phone would be, in his words, easy. The only condition is that if the application needs Google services, you will have to use Microsoft’s services.

Install Android applications not yet ported on your Windows Phone

The surprise comes when the Android community, like many other times, gets their way. The Android scene has already found a way to install Android applications in terminals with Windows Phone. A process in which the command window and the occasional application.

Not everything was going to be a flower path, of course. What happens with Android applications is that many of them use Google services to function and .. Surprise! It is not in Windows Phone. So Android applications that require these services can not run on Windows Phone. So it will play waiting for the developer in question to adapt them correctly for Windows Phone.

In order to carry out the process you will only need the wconnect tool and the Android ADB tools.

We have already said it. Apps that require Google services will not necessarily work. Those who did the tutorial tried with Twitter, Slack and Snapchat. So if one does not work, we’ll have to wait for the developer to carry it with the development kit that Microsoft offers.

If you have a Windows Phone terminal and you want to try this tutorial, which has worked for many users, you will only need the tools, patience and follow the tutorial step by step.

To  download an APK, you can use the famous APK Mirror page . Maybe you will find the one you want.

How to extract the APK file from an application

There are occasions where an application is launched on Google Play but soon after, Google decides to eliminate it for violating any condition. To be able to subsequently reinstall the application, either on another device or on our own because we have formatted, we need the APK file of the application. But now that we can no longer download it from Google Play, what do we do? Easy, we extract it and safeguard it somewhere.

Today we will explain how to extract the APK file from an application installed on our device. This APK will be used to install the application later on another device . For example, one that does not bring Google Play by default or can continue to install a deleted application from the Google application store.

For this we need two applications:

ES File Explorer (or any other file explorer that we like)

APK Extractor

With these two applications installed on our Android, we can start.

Extract the APK from an application, step by step

To extract the APK from an application that we will later install on another device, we will have to use APK Extractor . Here, upon entering, we will encounter all the applications installed on our Android device.

Once here, we look for the application that we want, we keep pressed on it and a window with four options will be shown to us. We chose Extract APK if we want to safeguard it in the cloud or remove it later and store it in our computer. Or you can send it directly via Bluetooth to the other device. Of course it will also depend on the size of the application in question.

Do you remember when we said that we needed a file explorer? For this it was. Now with the file explorer we will have to go to the / sdcard directory and look for the Apk Extractor folder . Here we will find all the Apks that we have extracted. From here, with this file explorer, we can upload them to cloud services such as Dropbox or Drive.

Also connecting the device to the computer we can copy the APKs to our hard drive. The important thing is to keep them safe.