Common Google Play Store error codes

Google Play Store is a name that Android OS users know very well. The official app store for Android, which was originally called Android Market, gathers more than a million apps and games. It is the largest and most renowned app store of all. Of course, its fame is no cure for errors, which are frequent in each app store in existence. If you are a regular Play Store user, you might have had to deal with several errors, represented by codes (most of them three-digit numbers).

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List of the most common Google Play Store error codes and their solutions

The following paragraphs will make you know what the most common Google Play Store error codes mean, along with the solutions to make them disappear.

Errors 110, 406, 413, 495, 504, 927, 941, rh01, rpc:aec:0

The errors listed above all represent almost the same download problems, even though these are slightly different.

  • Error 110: The app cannot be installed.
  • Error 406: App cannot be downloaded. Generally, this error appears because of account-related problems, like account changes, resetting, or registering a new account.
  • Error 413: Updating or downloading apps isn’t possible.
  • Error 495: A problem has occurred while updating or downloading an app.
  • Error 504: Apps cannot be downloaded.
  • Error 927: Download of app is not possible due to an update in progress.
  • Error 941: Something interrupted the update.
  • Error rh01: A problem occurred while obtaining information from the server.
  • Error rpc:aec:0: The app download is impossible.

However, the good thing is they all have the same solution(s):

  • Go to Settings > Apps > All > Google Play Store, and then press on Clear cache. This is what regularly solves the previous codes, but in case it doesn’t work, press Clear data
  • Another alternative is clearing data in Google Play Services, going to Settings > Apps > All > Google Play Services. This resembles a Play Store factory reset, which will give you a new Google ID. After this occurs, some apps may start to fail because of the restoration of the Google ID.
  • As the final solution, erase and add your Google account. To do so, go to Settings > Accounts > Google, press and hold on your Google account and erase it. Then, restart the device and register your account again.

Error 101, 491, 923

  • Error 101: Can’t download apps because of lack of memory.
  • Error 491: Updates and downloads aren’t possible.
  • Error 923: Download impossible. Not enough cache memory or a problem has occurred while synchronizing your Google account.

The three of them share a single solution:

  • Remove your Google account, in Settings > Accounts > Google. After, restart the device and log in your Google account again. Then, go to Settings > Apps > All > Google Services, and clear cache memory and data.

Additionally, try uninstalling an(some) app(s) you don’t use, because insufficient storage memory is a frequent cause of the Error 101. To make sure that lack of memory is the problem, go to Settings > Storage, and check how much memory is left.

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