Google Play Store 6.0.0

The last update of Play Store is available since 15th November 2015. This App is crucial for any Android user as it allows access to more than a million different Apps.  Google Play Store is the equivalent App Store for Apple users, but in this case, for Android users. This app is not only the official store to find the best application, but it also provides full support for installation, access to updates, and keeps your apps synchronized through your different devices.

google play store

What’s new in this version:

– Enhanced search functions.

– New desgin

– Better several bug fixes that overall make it more stable.

Google Play Store is the official Application from Google for it’s OS Android. Normally you should be able to simply update your Play Store with the OS updates, but in case something went wrong or you want to manually update, you will be required to install it via the APK.  In order to do so simply download the .apk file and transfer it via USB to your device, open the file and the rest will be done by its own.

For Android users, there is no better place than the Google Play Store to get the best applications, latest games and all of your favorite entertainment content. While Google Play Store is a system app that should already be installed on any Android smartphone or tablet, sometimes you need to install it yourself, and the only way to do that is by downloading the Google Play Store 6.0.0 APK file using the link below. This is the most updated version available of the Play Store, and it comes with some interesting new changes that you won’t want to miss.

What’s different in Google Play Store 6.0.0?

First of all, we’ve jumped up a version number with this latest Google Play Store APK update, which means there are some significant changes. In addition to the usual bug fixes and improvements to performance, speed and reliability, the Play Store has been slightly reorganized and gotten a mini facelift. The new look is comfortably familiar but still feels fresh.

How to download Play Store 6.0.0 APK

Make sure you have set your Android to allow downloads from places other than the Play Store (like us), and then click the link below to download Google Play Store 6.0.0 APK. In just a few minutes, you’ll be all set with the latest update of Play Store!

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