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Google Play Store is the official market from Google for all Android digital content. If you own and use any kind of Android smartphones or tablets, then you will certainly need to have the Play Store app in your device. Any device would be kind of useless without all the apps we love and that do, in fact, make life easier, working more practical and gaming more fun! Thus, there isn’t any better place than Google Play Store to get all kinds of apps and any kind of digital content anyone could be interested in. We’re talking about video games, music, media, TV shows, movies, books, magazines, newspapers and more digital content that you could ever possibly use, all for any of your Android devices. A huge variety of apps is offered to provide tons of choices. Play Store app has lots of wonderful features and tools so you can have an amazing experience browsing, searching, exploring and using all the latest and best apps available today.

Google Play Store has some considerable offers for all Android users every now and then. You can find some paid apps offered for free or at a discount during certain occasions or for a one-day-offer. As you all know, the number of free apps in the store is essentially unlimited, but the paid apps usually offer premium features, no advertisements, and other perks.

Recently, all the new devices you can buy all around the world with Android OS come with the Play Store app preinstalled, along with all the other Google core apps. But in some cases, you might need to re-download Play Store app, because the device may not contain the app for whatever reason. So, we’re going to help you out and tell you how to download Google Play Store for free.

How to download Play Store for free

We have a couple of ways to get Play Store downloaded for free on your Android device: you can do it directly on your Android smartphone or tablet, or you can use a computer. Both ways are quite simple and it only takes a few minutes.

To download the free Play Store app directly to your device: First, you should know that for safety concerns, all Android devices are configured to only accept installation of applications from the official market—Google Play Store. But as we don’t have it on the device, we need to download it from another source.

So, all we need to do is go to the device’s Settings > Security Settings > and turn on “Download from unknown sources” to allow the Play Store download from any available source, such as this article. After that, we can use the browser on the device to search for the Play Store APK file on the web. Remember that it’s essential to find a trusted website to avoid downloading a malfunctioning app or any kind of virus. You can use the link in this article for a convenient, free Play Store download.

When you find the APK file, tap the download link and wait for the download to complete. As soon as you get a notification that the download is complete, tap it to go directly to the file and proceed with the installation process.

To download the free Play Store app using a computer: Search online in your PC’s browser for a trusted website to download the Play Store APK file, such as our site, and “Save” the file if prompted.

When the download is done, connect your Android device to the PC via cable or Bluetooth connection in order to transfer the APK file to your Android device. After transferring it, find its location using the device’s file manager app. Tap on the APK file to install, then open the app and log in with your Google account. Now you can enjoy using Play Store with all its amazing features.

Download the latest Play Store updates for free

Just like any other application, Play Store app is updated regularly to keep up with the changes in both apps and devices. You need to keep your Play Store app updated because it might start freezing and crashing if it is out of date. So, what to do?

You can do one of these things to get your Play Store updated for free:

Turn on the automatic updates from the settings of your device. With this method, you’ll need to wait for the new updates to run by themselves.
You can go to the settings of the device, scroll all the way down to the item “About” and choose “Update Now”. This way, your device will grab all the available updates for all the basic apps, including Play Store.
You can simply download the latest version of Play Store APK for free, and install it over the one you have on your device.
That is all you need to know about downloading Play Store for free to your Android device. Take a few minutes to follow the steps mentioned above and enjoy full access to the Play Store, download whatever you desire and have fun!


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