How do you install Google Play services?

The Google Play Store and Google Play Services are two services that are given by Google. Many people were confounded as both the apps have comparable names and as Google Play Services was not required before for use during normal times. Notwithstanding, after its dispatch many apps and different games requested that client to download Google Play Services, which left many astounded with respect to why they were expected to download yet another application when they didn’t require it till some time recently.

In any case, both applications are really required to have a streamlined Android usefulness, as the two serve altogether different purposes.

Google Play Store, at its name recommends, is an advanced store where you can get all the applications and games. And besides this, you can also access motion pictures, books and so on. Once can buy and download these recreations and applications from the Play Store into their Android gadgets.

Be that as it may, Google Play Services is something else. It is really an exclusive background service which permits the applications and different games to interface and interact with each other. Fundamentally, it enables Google to interface the applications and games in your Google Account so it can save information and games, and other data on its server by connecting it to the account.

Google Play Services enables the phone to link between various versions of Android and enables the client to get new highlights and security fixes regardless of the possibility that they are not on the most recent version of Android. It is utilized to update Google applications and all other apps present on and downloaded from google play.

Essentially, Google Play Services does the vast majority of everything that makes Android the Android that individuals love, and it does the greater part of this out of sight without requiring any contribution from the user. While, Google Play Store exists just to benefit the user according to their necessities. Users can utilize the Play Store to get to applications, and different objects and services that they may need or want. Given below are few steps by which you can easily install google play services in your device.

  • Download the google play services apk file from the internet or the official website. The google play services are free as they form the backbone of an android operating system and can be downloaded and installed for free in any android supported device.
  • Locate this apk file of google play services in your phone or your downloads where it has been downloaded or saved. This is just like a .exe file in a computer which lets you install a software easily.
  • Now open the file by clicking on it. This process is simple but there you might get a warning message saying that you should be careful while installing such files on your phone. This is because the security settings in android are such that they dissuade you from installing any app which is not coming directly from the app store or the android framework. And since this is an external file which needs to be installed manually, you might get this security message to prevent you from installing it. You need to overlook the message and confirm the installation by pressing the Yes option in the warning message that comes, confirming that the file is good and is being installed by you manually.
  • Then the installation of the file starts as it downloads the necessary files from the internet. The installation is just any normal app or software that you might install on your phone or pc respectively. You have to let the installation process run its course and wait until you get a confirmation message for the installation getting completed.
  • After the installation is completed, you will get a message confirming the same and you can click on finish option just to confirm and acknowledge. Some devices might not give this finish option so you can directly jump to the home screen after the installation.
  • The installation of google play services on your phone is now complete and you can take full advantage of the android phone that you are using.

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  1. How can i found the good services google play and the good version of playstore if i have unicorns 7.1.2 and i dont flash with gapps, and i’m not root now so i’ll stuck?
    If anyone have an idea… Thank you!

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