How do you reset Google Play Store?

Almost all smartphone users are familiarized with Google Play Store, independently on which phone they have. This is no surprise, considering that Play Store is the world’s most used app store, and every day more apps are uploaded to it. It gathers billions and billions of downloads in our days, and the number keeps on growing.

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Why reset Google Play Store?

When we stop a moment to think about all the movement that is happening at this moment in Play Store servers, we might start to notice that it is much busier than we think. And it is, eventually. But, incredibly, in most devices, Play Store works just as well as any other app. In fact, it isn’t even too heavy.

However, like any other, Play Store can have failures in some occasions. Maybe you have seen one of the error codes that periodically appear in Play Store, due to different reasons and causes. Anyhow, some errors just won’t disappear. No matter how hard you try, no matter how much things you do to take the error away, it keeps appearing.

One of the most common solutions for Google Play Store’s errors is wiping cache. Other frequent solutions are uninstalling Play Store updates, erasing and reentering Google account, restarting the device, and more. But, between all the potential fixes for Google Play errors, resetting Play Store could be the definite solution for your problem. Well, in the following paragraphs, we will teach you how to reset Google Play Store.

How to reset Google Play Store

Now comes the fun part: it’s time to reset Play Store. Perhaps this could be what repairs the error you’ve been seeing so long. And the best part is it isn’t hard at all. Let’s see how to reset Google Play Store:

  • Go to Settings.
  • Then, tap on Apps (you’ll might have to scroll or swipe around a while to find it, because Android varies depending on the device’s brand, model and OS version. Anyways, you won’t have much trouble to find it, because it is one of the most important settings categories).
  • Now, swipe your way till you reach the All
  • Scroll down until you find Google Play Store, and tap on it.
  • Press Clear data, and then Force close. By doing so, you will erase all the current data Play Store had registered, and then close the app completely; in other words, you’ve reset Play Store!
  • Preferably, restart your device too; it won’t take too much time.

This is one of the best things to do if an error occurs. But it is also not so recommendable, because information will be lost. After resetting Play Store, open it again. You will very likely have to type in some information again (the info you erased by resetting it), but it won’t take long.

We hope the suggestions we have prepared for you can be useful, in order for you to finally get rid of that error!

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