How to back up your Android phone?

In many cases, it is necessary to have a backup of our mobile data in case we have to reinstall Android, or simply in case of any eventuality to recover our data. Today we bring you this article where we explain how to make a backup from an Android Smartphone, like an expert.

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We must point out that several backups should be made . A basic copy of data, a copy of photos and videos and another one of games, in the case that they want to support them.

Basic data backup

The first thing to do is activate the backup option . On your Android device you should go to Settings, then to Backup and Restore. You will notice that there are 4 different options, you select Backup and Automatic Restore. This will create a copy of basic data on your Android or Smartphone device , and even have the ability to update that data and copy it into your Google account to be saved in your email or the Google cloud.

To do this, you must click on Settings, then Accounts and finally Google, now you choose the service with which you want to synchronize your data and will be saved there every time the backup is done.

Back up videos and images

To back up photos and videos from your Android device, simply go to Settings, then Accounts, then Google, followed by Google+ and finally Auto Backup .

Once there, in the Backup Storage section you must select the size of the images or video that you want to store, so that there are no inconveniences at the time of making the backup. Then, in the configuration section you have to select the options that suit us best. Now we are ready to automatically back up photos and videos to our Google account.

Back up games

You can back up your games, using the cloud to achieve your goal. To do this you will have to synchronize the device with Cloud Save, so that the

states of the games that were recently played can be seen from other devices and even from a PC.
Make backups of our device Android is highly recommended, in order to recover our data and always have them on hand in case of any mishap or contingency.

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