How to download Google Play Store for Windows 10

The desire to bring Android and iOS applications to Windows 10 Mobile led Microsoft to develop two projects to achieve this.

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After the last few days we have seen that the Android version is following an excellent course of development, now comes the news that the Play Store itself will already be able to run within Windows 10 Mobile.

Developments made in the Astoria project have already led to some Android applications being used in Windows 10 Mobile.

This is the purpose of this project, which will surprisingly increase the list of applications available for Microsoft’s mobile operating system, which was one of the most heard criticisms.

If Microsoft’s will was to bring only Windows 10 Mobile applications to Android, resorting to a sub-system of Windows 10 Mobile itself, where part of Android runs, users are already taking it a step further and managed to get the Google play store to run.

This was not the idea that Microsoft would have for the Astoria project, but the users’ curiosity and dexterity were able to take it a little further and also showcase its versatility and capabilities.

There is still no clear evidence that this process is actually possible, but an XDA forum user has confirmed that he has been able to do so and has even given instructions for others to recreate it.

One of the initial problems, and that was preventing this passage from being done simply, was in the absence of permissions to run some parts of the applications, but that point was exceeded and put to run Google Play Services.

Although it is only a step, it is significant and shows that the transition of applications from Android to Windows 10 Mobile should not be so complex, getting Microsoft to meet the assumptions it set when launching the project Astoria.

Now that Android is on its way to Windows 10 Mobile, even better than expected, it’s time for Microsoft to turn to iOS and release the first versions of the project .

How to install Google Play Store on Windows 10

After Microsoft released the code of the Windows Bridge tool for iOS, we were surprised with the release of the Project Astoria code that will allow even running Android applications directly in Windows 10 . A very rumored possibility that has already become a reality.

Thus, Microsoft has surprised us with an Android emulator for Windows 10 Mobile , supporting applications directly as long as they do not use specific Google services. Understandable, first because they avoid problems with Google, and second because Microsoft will want to use their services that will also be integrated into Windows 10 Mobile.

The truth is that the list of applications tested and working properly is quite broad . They are found in applications that are not found in Windows Phone, such as SnapChat, including others such as 500px and even games. The truth is that the performance is quite good , especially considering that it is at an early stage.

The installation procedure is quite simple, but even so, we wanted to make a list that serves as a guide.

Step 1: Install program created by Microsoft Insider

The first thing to install, for convenience above all, is the program that the companions of Microsoft Insider have created .

It has an assistant in which it is enough to go accepting the different phases. You will see how it installs the Project Astoria software , several necessary Visual C ++ libraries, as well as some drivers to connect to the mobile via USB.

Step 2: Install the .APK in Windows 10 Mobile

The first step is to activate the mode of programmer in the mobile , as well as connect it to our computer. And with the help of the commented program, we can install Google play store in our Windows 10 Mobile without any modification . As you can see in the highlighted image, we have even managed to run games like Candy Crush Soda, and applications such as Twitter and 500px.

We are testing several applications and soon we want to show you the performance of them, and how Microsoft is doing an excellent job in this emulated mode, getting Android applications to work fluently even in an emulated environment.

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