How to fix play store error 905

Most of us may have faced this problem before after downloading or installing games or Android apps from the Google Play Store on a smartphone. The problem is Error 905, which suddenly prevents downloads and installations from Google Play Store. How can we solve this serious problem? Here, in this article, we are going to tell you how to fix the dreaded Play Store Error 905. But first, a little bit of background information about Google Play.

play store error 905

Google Play Store, or what used to be known as Android Market, was launched in 2012 (can you believe it’s only been 5 years?). Google Play is an app for Android smartphones and tablets for purchasing and downloading through the store. The Google Play Store, which is already preinstalled on Android devices (except in a few weird circumstances), is the only trusted official market to download games and other kinds of apps on Android mobile devices.

Google Play Store and Services                                                  

Google Play Store can be considered as a giant digital media store which offers magazines, books, music, TV shows and movies in addition to millions of apps and games of any kind you can imagine. The Play Store offers applications either at a cost or free of charge, and they can be downloaded directly to any compatible Android device through the Play Store app or through the Google Play website on your computer.

There are many cool services operating under the banner of Google Play, which are Google Play Books, Google Play Music, Google Play Games and Google Play Movies.

How to fix Play Store Error 905

You can enjoy all of Google Play Store’s services on your Android device any time you desire, so long as you have a Wi-Fi or mobile data connection. But as we have said before, we sometimes face a few problems when we try to download apps from Play Store, and one of the most common problems is Error 905, which obstructs our downloading process.

If you want to fix Error 905 in your Google Play Store, the first thing you should try is to uninstall Play Store updates and return it to an older version. To uninstall updates, follow these steps:

Go to “Settings” in your Android device, and then select “Apps Manager” or “Manage Applications” (or anything similar, depending on your exact device). After that, tap on “All”, then search for “Google Play Store” in the list of apps on the screen.

The next step is to clear data and cache. Then, tap on “Force Stop”, and then “Uninstall Updates”. Finally, you should restart your device. When you restart your phone, the updates will be uninstalled and the Play Store also will be reverted to its older version. When you open Google Play Store again, the update for the new version of Play Store will be automatically pushed.

Fix Play Store Error 905: other methods

If the previous way doesn’t work, you have two options to fix Error 905: can do a factory hard reset or you can clear something called “Google Services Framework”. It’s better to try clearing Google Services Framework first, since it is a less drastic measure than a full factory reset.

To clear Google Services Framework, first, you should open your device’s “Settings” again. Then, just like before, find the applications manager and slide all the way to the right to the “All” tab. Search for the list for “Google Services Framework”, and tap on “Clear Data”. You will receive a message on the screen asking you to confirm, and you will tap on “Ok”. Finally, go back and restart your device.

Now, if this still doesn’t fix Play Store Error 905 and you want to do a factory hard reset, you should know that this process will remove all your files from your device. So, unless you want to lose everything on your device forever, you should make a back-up copy of all your files, photos, etc. To start a factory hard reset, go to “Settings” on your device. Then, tap on “Accounts”, and then select “Back up and reset”. You will see “Factory hard reset” in the bottom center. Tap on it. You will receive a message asking you to confirm the reset (a good opportunity to double check you have backed everything up!). After you confirm the process, your device will restart and the problem with Error 905 will be resolved.

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