How to Fix the Most Common Play Store Errors

The merits of the Play Store can’t be overstated, but nothing is perfect. In fact, Google Play can sometimes baffle us with an impressive variety of mysterious error messages. In this post, with its solutions that may be helpful for you.

Play Store Errors

Google Play Store Error 944:

This error message appears when the Play Store servers are offline or if they’re suffering from other connectivity problems. The solution is simple, if a bit frustrating: you just have to wait a while and try again. Changing app settings won’t help with this one, unfortunately, since the problem is on their end, not yours.

Error 941 / 927 / 504 / 495 / 413 / 406 / 110 / rh01 / rpc:aec:0 :

If you’ve got troubles in downloading apps from the Play Store on your device, you are most likely looking at Error 495, 110, or one of the other error codes above. To fix any of these errors, you might need a new Google ID assigned to your phone. Don’t worry—this isn’t as complicated as it sounds.

First, delete your Google Play Store data in your device’s app settings (Settings > Manage Apps > All > Google Play Store > Clear Data). However, if that doesn’t help, you need to delete the data from Google Services Framework as well, which can be found right under the Play Store in the list of “All” apps. This will give you a new Google ID, which has the downside of potentially messing up some apps, at least temporarily, so you might need to reinstall any apps that suddenly start to misbehave.

If you’re still facing issues after that, you’ll need to remove your Google account from your device, then re-add it back after a restart. To do this, go to Settings > Accounts > Google > Your Gmail Address > Menu > Remove Account.

DF-BPA-09 Error Processing Purchase:

This is a fairly common error, and is related to trying download a purchased app. Usually, a simple removal of the Play Store app data will fix this error quickly. Just remove data under the general Settings > Apps > All > Google Play Store > Clear Data, and then repeat for Google Services Framework if that doesn’t fix the problem.

Unfortunately, the above suggestion may not work every time. In that case, you can log into the Play Store from your PC and push the download to your phone from there.

Play Store Error 919:

This Play Store error simply indicates that there isn’t enough space on your phone to make a full installation or update of a given app. The best solution is to free up some space by removing some unused apps, large files (like videos and photos) that you have backed up somewhere else, etc.

Error 491 / 923 / 101:

Play Store Error 491 means that downloads are impossible. To fix that, remove and then add either the same or a new Google account.

To do this, go to your device’s Settings > Accounts > Google > Your Gmail Address, then open the menu and tap “Remove Account”. Restart the device, and then go to Settings > Accounts > Google again to re-add and sign into your account. Finally, go into Settings > Manage Apps, swipe to the “All” tab, scroll down to Google Services Framework and then clear the data from that app.

Google Play Store Error 403:                                                                       

Error 403 is similar to the previous error. However, this time the cause of this issue is a conflict when using more than one Google account. To solve this, you need to log into the Google account which you bought the app with, remove the account, and then hit the purchase/install again.

If that doesn’t help, clearing your search history might resolve the conflict. Go into Play Store Settings > Clear Search History, or you can create a new Google account and install the app again through this account.

Google Play Error 927:

This particular error takes place when the Play Store suddenly stops in the middle of its update. Wait for the Play Store to complete updating, then try again.

Play Store Error 911:

The issue here can sometimes be trouble with your current Wi-Fi connection, but it also be fixed by removing Play Store data in some cases, just like with many other error codes from Google Play.

It’s possible that the Error 911 message occurs because you have to re-authenticate the connection, which can happen if you’re connected to a Wi-Fi hotspot that needs a login. After you’ve completed that, open the Play Store app back up and then try again. If you’re still facing difficulties after re-authenticating, you need to do something with your Wi-Fi network so that you can try a different connection, or perhaps move to your mobile data instead of Wi-Fi, if there is enough data on your plan and the size of app isn’t too big.

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