How to install Play Store on Kindle Fire

Kindle Fire tablets are a clear example of how the ideal tablet is like for most people: excellent quality for a low price. This characteristic is usual in Amazon Fire devices, so we are not surprised. Another interesting feature of Amazon Fire is that it is an Android-based OS, but customized by Amazon to include Amazon services instead of Google Services. Thus, Google Services don’t appear in these devices. Among those excluded Google services is Google Play Store, the default app store of all Android devices (except Amazon Fire). Play Store is undoubtedly the best app store for Android, so, if you have a Kindle Fire tablet, having Play Store in your device probably interests you. If so, pay attention to the following information, which will show you how to download and install Play Store on Kindle Fire.

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What to consider before installing Play Store on Kindle Fire

Don’t install Play Store in your Kindle Fire tablet without reading the following paragraphs. Analyze them and keep it in mind while you follow the procedure.

  • APKs are Android users’ salvation. Files with this format let anyone download and pass Play Store apps without restrictions, just like any other file. Any Android device can pass or receive an APK file and install it. Kindle Fire tablets run with Amazon Fire OS; and Amazon Fire OS is based on Android. Thus, you can download a Play Store APK and later install it in your Kindle Fire tablet, just like you would do to install other APKs.
  • Kindle is no longer used in the most recent Fire tablets since the fourth generation was launched. Instead, they are only called Fire, followed by a number. For example, the most recent one is called Fire 7. This does not interfere with the capability of installing APKs, anyways. The name changes, but the OS doesn’t.
  • To enjoy Play Store on Kindle Fire, you need to allow the installation of Unknown origins This option is disabled by default for security reasons, but it can be enabled by yourself when you desire. To do so, go to Settings > Security. Then, tap on the small box that is at the left side of Unknown origins. A green check should appear. This check means that the option is now enabled.

How to install Play Store on Kindle Fire

The best way to install Play Store on your Kindle Fire tablet is by APKs, because it doesn’t need anything else than downloading and installing the file in your phone. No other tool, program or app is needed.

  1. To download the APK version of Play Store, we will use this blog, one of the most used APK downloading websites. Its popularity is because of to the good reputation it has gained due to the safe downloads and original APKs it offers. Definitely, it is a good choice.

Thus, the first thing you will have to do is enter in the official website of Play Store Download. Enter in your web browser’s search box or click on the links on this paragraph.

  1. You will see a principally orange interface with the blog logo in the top-left. In the top-right zone, there is a search box, with a magnifying glass icon which stands for Search.
  2. Tap on the search box, and then type in Play Store and click on the Search icon or press the Enter
  3. Now, a results list will appear below the APK category. Notice that there is more than one result for Google Play Store. Preferably, select the latest version. To know which one is the latest, look at the numbers that follow Google Play Store (e.g., Google Play Store 2.37). The highest number is the most recent version. Anyway, the newest update should be positioned first in the results list.
  4. Click on the Download icon (the arrow pointing down and a thin bar underneath).
  5. You will be redirected to the download site of this blog. DO NOT click on the tricky ads that look like the download button. The correct button you should click on is blue, and says See available APKs.
  6. Under the Download box that appears below the blue button, click on one of the “Variants”. Preferably, choose the first (or only) option.
  7. Another page will appear, with all the technical info of that version. Check them if you please. Once you are sure that that is the version you want, click on the blue button Download APK.
  8. Finally, Play Store APK will start to download. If it doesn’t start for some reason, click on the link in the “Your download will start immediately. If not, please click here” link.
  9. Wait till the file is completely downloaded. Then, pass the APK to your Kindle Fire tablet. If you don’t have an USB cable, buy it in Amazon or use any other transfer method.
  10. Open the APK in your tablet, and follow the instructions that appear on the screen until the Install option appears.
  11. Click on Install, and wait some seconds until the installation window notifies you that the installation was completed.

Once the installation finishes, you won’t need to do anything else. Now you will enjoy Play Store on Kindle Fire, and that way accede all the advantages of using Play Store and the limitless amount of apps that it contains.

Update Play Store periodically

It’s important to update Play Store regularly, because new features will be included. To update Play Store, only repeat the procedure you did to download and install it in the first place again. But, this time, choose a more recent version. That is hoy you manually update Play Store.

Even though the apps that you download in your Kindle Fire tablet through Play Store should update automatically (if the device has permission to; generally, the automatic update is when connected to Wi-Fi), if some problem occurs, manually update them too.

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