How to protect your Android phone from viruses?

Android is a free operating system based on Unix , which has spread to mobile devices, for its practicality, lightness and ease of use. Most smartphones and tablets use this operating system to take full advantage of these devices. The downside of this popularity, is that the creation of malware or malware , has also spread in this system, allowing unauthorized addition to our mobile devices, Trojans, password stealers, and other types of malicious software. Fortunately, there are options to minimize risk and work more safely, preventing our personal data from falling into the hands of hackers. Next, we’ll see how to avoid viruses and malware on Android .

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Verify Permissions

The first thing to keep in mind, when downloading from the internet, specifically from Play Goo gle , is to verify the permissions that we are granting the application, as often the information theft comes from those permissions that we give an app that we want to install. It should be remembered that the Google Play application filter is not very efficient, and large spreads of malware have already been reported in this way. So, from now on, before installing an app from Google Play , review well the permissions required by that application to install.
Have professional protection

As in all computer equipment , having extra protection is essential to raise the level of security and protection of our device with Android . To do this, we must install a mobile antivirus , which can be paid or free, as they prefer. In this sense, there are many options available, some lighter and others much more powerful, only remains to study our own requirements, to choose any of these options, but we must install one of them in our Android.

Common sense

As with computers and laptops, common sense and good practices of web browsing and file downloads are the fundamental pillar, to avoid being a victim of hacker attacks. Avoid downloading files from unknown sites, opening e-mails from people we do not know who they are, opening unsolicited attachments, among other actions, are high risk and almost certainly have some kind of malware , which will be harmful to us and our team.

So from now on, we must be careful when running programs or downloading or activating suspicious images, it is convenient to pass them through an antivirus scan first and have a lot of common sense, as this can save us from many situations of risk.

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