How To Remove Unwanted Apps On Android Smartphone?

hen we are running out of space on our Android smartphone, or simply, we have a huge amount of applications that we are not using, it is time to eliminate some apps , even some that are already preinstalled in the ROM of our Smartphone or tablet .

Remove Unwanted apps

Preparing the device

To remove the apps , we must be initially a root user . To do this, we can use z4root , a simple application that will free the root user on our Android device .

Once we have installed and run z4root , it’s time to download to our Android device , the app known as Titanium Backup . Once its installation is finished, we proceed to execute it, and we will see how the window is displayed.
We’re ready for the process of removing apps on our Android .

Deleting apps on our Android

Remove Unwanted
Previously, we described how to start Titanium Backup , once we see the black screen with the message, we should go immediately to the Android application launcher . Once there, we look for the Titanium Backup icon and run it. Now, we only have to select the application that we want to remove from our system.

Once we select the application that we want to remove , a popup window will open that will give us several action options.

Being on that window, we must select the unistall option , then we must select the option Yes and wait for the application to be completely removed from our Android.

Just before deleting the app , the system will display a window, which warns us that the application will be permanently removed from the operating system , we accept and the app will be removed from the Android ROM .
Another way to remove apps on Android.

If the application to remove r is not pre-installed or installed in the ROM , ie, if we installed it on the system, we will have a much simpler way to remove those apps from our device.

The process is simple, we must select Configuration , then Applications , then click on Manage Applications . Once at this address, we select the app or app that we want to remove from our Android . Notice that another window is displayed, where we must verify that we want to delete this app .

As you can see, the procedure is quite simple, but you must be careful, since any mistake can spoil the Android, it is important to go carefully and without getting ourselves to invent much during the process. We must clarify, that native Google applications can not be removed from Android , so do not try.

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