How to solve the Play Store download pending problem in your Android device

Play Store is an excellent app. Android users are familiarized with it, because it is where they go to if they want to download or update any app. Play Store’s features and characteristics are generally positive, but it also has its defects, like every app. In fact, errors are common in Play Store. When something goes wrong, Play Store identifies the error with a numerical code that indicates what the cause of the failure was. On another hand, other issues occur, like the famous Play Store download pending problem. Even though it is not as common as the numerical-code-identified errors, it appears frequently. If you have experienced this error in your Android device, don’t worry: we have the solution for the Play Store download pending issue. Don’t quit reading this article, because we will lend you the information you need to solve the problem, at last.

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Why does the Play Store download pending error appear?

Interestingly, the Play Store download pending error appears because of internet connection problems, or any malfunction related to connection. Maybe your internet connection is too slow, or it is unstable. So, the first you should do to make that issue disappear is: try to connect to another network. This is regularly the only thing you have to do to start downloading and updating apps like before.

Then, connect to the network you were connected to when the error appeared and try to update or download an app. If the malfunction comes out again, the responsible is the internet connection you were using.

Other solutions to the Play Store download pending issue

If the previous advice did not help you take out the malfunction, you’ll have to identify the error’s cause and solve it by doing some things, like the following:

  • Toggle on/off Wi-fi. Considering the error is due to connection problems, this is worth trying. Also, turning on Airplane mode and then turning it off could be a solution.
  • Try clearing the cache memory of Google Play Store and Download Manager as well. Remember that cache memory is the responsible of several malfunctions in the system, even if it doesn’t have to do with Google Play Store at all. You should wipe this data periodically to maintain your device’s good performance.

To clear cache memory of Google Play and Download Manager, go to Settings > Apps > All > Google Play Store and then Download Manager. Once you are in Google Play Store or Download manager, tap on Clear cache.

  • If the problem persists, try clearing Google Play Store’s data. To do so, go to Settings > Apps > All > Google Play Store, and then press on Clear data. Do the same with Download Manager. After this, you will have to log in again in Play Store.
  • Now, uninstall Google Play Store updates. This step is not recommendable, unless you have tried the previous steps and the error continues. Uninstalling updates will help you make sure if the problem is because of the update; maybe it was defective. If you uninstall Google Play Store’s updates, it will go back to an older version. So don’t worry if you enter Play Store and you see things different. Besides, this can be reversed by updating Play Store later on.
  • The download pending error keeps on appearing? Uninstall updates for Download manager as well. It is a good idea to force stop Google Play Store and Download Manager too. To force stop these apps, follow the same procedure for clearing cache, clearing data and uninstalling updates, but now tap on Force stop. This will make the apps stop working, neutralizing them. This might drain out the error, because when you open the app you will make it run again. It is like a restart that only affects Google Play Store and Download Manager.
  • It’s understandable if you are desperate at the time you reach this point and the problem is not solved. But, calm down. There are still other possible solutions. Now, try to erase your Google account and add it again. This might work, considering that many problems in Play Store do not have to do with the app itself; instead, the malfunction is related to your Google account. To erase your Google account, go to Settings > Accounts, and tap on your Google account. Then, choose the Remove account

To add your account again, press on Add account, and select Google afterwards. Type in your account’s information (username and password) and log in again. After doing this, enter Play Store again and see if the problem is solved.

  • Almost anybody should get to this step and still have the unsolved error. If it’s your case, the problem is serious. So, what can you do now? Try a factory data reset.

The procedure varies depending on the phone model you’re using, because Android devices vary between a great number of models and brands. Thus, to make a factory reset, you have two options: Go to Settings > Backup and reset, and then tap on Factory data reset or make a factory reset from the Android Recovery System.

Remember to make a backup of the information and files you have in your phone to not lose your important data. Factory reset will erase all the information stored in your phone, along with its settings. This means that its apps will return to the way they were when it was new. Therefore, any problem that Play Store had should disappear too.

  • In case the download pending problem STILL is there, maybe you should think of downloading APKs instead of using Play Store, or using another app store. The download pending problem doesn’t normally get to these boundaries, but we only give you some useful information just in case.

Get rid of the Play Store download pending problem

From all of the tips that we gave you above, not solving the Play Store download pending is almost impossible. Good luck!

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