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The Google application store, known as the Google Play Store , will soon receive new features. This Google service used by all Android users to download applications is usually constantly updated, adding small solutions to errors, aesthetic improvements and some details. Most of the time we do not realize the update, since it is an operating system service, it is updated automatically. But there are many users attentive to these updates. It has been discovered that one of these updates will soon incorporate very interesting news.

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These are the news that will soon reach the updates of Google Play Store

The  Play Store 8.4 app has just been updated. There is no doubt that we love every time you receive an update. Especially, if we find new features, as in this case. If you want to get the new version and be closer to all these new features, do not hesitate to download the Play Store APK 8.4 . As we say, in this update you will not find all the changes because they have found them inside. They are close to arriving.

Before moving into action, do not hesitate to read this article of tricks for Play Store . Now, if you want to know everything about this new version of the Play Store 8.4 available for Android, we invite you to keep reading:

The Audiobooks arrive at the Google Play Store

Since 2012 the app store offers all kinds of books, apps and games freely or paying. But in the next months we could find the “audiobooks”. They could be inside the book section like Google Play Books. We hope to know payment and free variants. But we do not know very well what will happen with this novelty, you just have to be very attentive.

From Android app we have been able to know the news that the Google Play Store will soon add. First, we highlight the purchase / download of audiobooks . Most likely, they are located in the Books section, which is in the application store. If we want to find a specific book, and it turns out that there is also an audiobook. We will see a small box highlighting that an audiobook version is also available. Of course, these audiobooks will also have a price, although some will be offered for free, as they are already done with the Play Store Ebooks.

Automatic update limitation

In the Play Store there are many automatic update options. That is, we can ask any application to update automatically when connecting to a WI-FI network. But Google could implement an option to only update system applications automatically . This could be a quick and practical solution for applications that are stuck in the Play Store without updating.

We assume that system applications can also be updated automatically. In addition, it is most likely that you can not disable the automatic update of the applications of the system, as long as you have the latest version. It should be noted that an update is always good; fix errors, add security patches and implement improvements.


New notifications of apps and games

Google plans to implement a notification control in the app store itself. There you will be shown important notifications , such as, for example, a new game available, or an update, discount etc. We would have a new section of Notifications for apps and games in the Play Store. This would appear in the toolbar with a kind of counter, indicating the unread notifications. It could be for the developers to inform the users of the changes by means of a message.

WiFi alerts changes

‘Download only by WI-FI’. This option that appears when we are going to download games or heavy applications will be eliminated . No wonder, few users would think of downloading a 5 GB game with mobile data connection. On the other hand, the design of the day’s offer category is slightly modified.

All these developments will soon reach the Google application store . Probably, the update will be applied after a few days, maybe a couple of weeks. If you are impatient and want to try the new features, we can do it by downloading the APK from this link. The file is safe, but possibly we fail to install it, just restart the device is solved. We must emphasize that there are not all the characteristics. Some, like the notification center will be added in the future.

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