Snapchat’s New Features Review

Snapchat is no longer what it was, and it’s a shame, since the application of the ghost became in its moment one of the most used in the world. However, it still has more than 150 million active users daily , it is not the same, but it is not so bad.

And all this is due to the plagiaries he has suffered from other, more popular social networks . Because of this Snapchat lost many users and now tries to recover them by introducing new features in the application. Do you want to know everything new? Watch out because you may like it.

Snapchat adds several updates to recover users

Three new features have added the phantom social network to try to capture users and not forgetting definitively. They receive the names of Paperclip, Backdrops and voice filters , so let’s see what they are about.
Backdrops, a kind of backdrops

With this first novelty the application lets us insert a kind of curtain in the background of the image . Once we have it placed, if we click on the icon of the scissors in the tools of the vertical menu we can then select for example the people of the photo and highlight them on the background established previously.

Paperclip, adds links to web pages

This novelty allows us to attach a webpage in our snaps , so that all those who see our publications can access that page from there, without having to leave the application.

We only give the clip on the side menu before publishing and insert the address of the page that we want to integrate into our snap. So if the other person slides up our publication will be able to see the page that we have attached to the snap.
Voice filters,

the most fun of the update

It seems to me that we all like to change the tone of our voice , and is that this effect succeeds in drawing a smile to anyone at different times. That is why Snapchat has integrated them, so we have the possibility to speak with different voices in our publications.

There are options such as a cat, a robot or a bear , different possibilities that will make your content more enjoyable and sure that attracts more people.

But as they say, we now need to know if social networks like Instagram or Facebook will copy these ideas. It would not be surprised at all, but that will be known in time. In the meantime, let’s enjoy the new Snapchat.