Play Store 6.0.5

Starting December Google has released a minor update to its official App Store, Google Play. The newest version, Play Store 6.0.5 (80430500). This is the most essential App for your Android Device as it provides access to the official App Store which this year surpassed one million different applications.  This recent update is mostly bug corrections of the newly major update 6.0.0 (13th November), and a new User Interface (UI) which refreshes the image of the store. The bug corrections aim to make this version more stable. Although not many details were given, there were several complaints of users needing to force stop the store as it would get stuck. Hope that with this upgrade those problems get solved.

google play store

 Key features:

– New user interface (UI)

– Several bug fixes

As always, this update should eventually come to your Android Device, but you can always manually upgrade it by using the APK file. Just transfer it via USB or other media and open the file, the installation will be done mostly by its own. In case you don’t get the upgrade in some days or weeks, you may aswell make the manual upgrade.

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