Play Store 7.5.08 APK Download with Android TV Bug Fix

Today, we have a brand new Google Play Store update from you, bringing us to version 7.5.08. That makes this the first stable release for Play Store 7.5, and it is an update that you definitely do not want to miss, especially if you use Android TV (ATV).

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Here, we’ve got a brief run down of what’s new in Google Play Store 7.5.08, a free APK download for the new update, and instructions to help you do the APK installation in case you’ve never done it before. If you’re one of those people who just likes to stay as up to date as possible (which certainly isn’t a bad thing), you can feel free to skip straight to the Play Store 7.5.08 APK download. The link is included right here in this post for your convenience.

What’s new in Play Store 7.5.08?

Although we have moved up a level to version 7.5, there are not a lot of immediately obvious changes in this update for most users. The novelties are mostly limited to performance improvements and bug fixes, including a very serious bug that was affecting Android TV users.

So, about that Android TV bug that has been driving us all crazy for months.

Basically, many ATV users with older versions of Google Play Store were having a serious problem when browsing the store for new apps. This problem first cropped up around December of last year, and it looks like this new update of Google Play Store 7.5.08 has finally found a fix for it. What was happening was that certain app categories would make the entire Play Store app crash for apparently no reason. This was happening when users would try to browse through the “Action Games” category, for example, or for “News” apps. The whole Play Store would just shut down, and you’d get that ever so frustration error box saying, “Unfortunately, Play Store has stopped.”

Installing the latest Play Store 7.5.08 APK file manually onto the Android TV appears to fix this annoying bug. Unfortunately, we still have to deal with the fact that ATV doesn’t show even close to all of the apps that can be used with it, and that you have to search manually to get most of the good apps. But, given that this is not a bug in the technical sense (and might even be on purpose), we likely will have to deal with it for a while longer.

How to download Play Store 7.5.08 APK

If you want to skip the line and get your device updated to the latest version of Google Play Store even before your device is scheduled to receive the automatic update, your only option is to manually download and install the APK file onto your Android device. For someone who’s never done this before, it can sound scary and technical, but it isn’t that bad. We’ll walk you through it, step by step.

First, go ahead and use your Android device to access this same post (if you aren’t already reading it on the device you want to update). Then, find the Google Play Store 7.5.08 APK download link in the post, and tap on it. If you get a prompt asking whether you want to save or open the file, select “Save”.

Now, there’s a very important step you need to follow while you wait for the APK file to download. Go into your Android’s general settings and scroll down to the security section. There, you should find an option called “Unknown sources” with a blank checkbox next to it. Make sure this box is checked. If you skip this step and the box is unchecked, when you try to install the file, your device will block it because you didn’t download it from the Play Store.

Once the “Unknown sources” box is checked and the APK is finished downloading, you can open the file. To do this, you can usually just tap on the “download complete” notification in your Android’s status bar. If for some reason that doesn’t work, or you dismissed the notification by mistake, open up your device’s file manager or file browser and go to the “Downloads” folder. The Play Store 7.5.08 APK should be the most recent file in that folder. Just tap to open it.

Installing Google Play Store 7.5.08 on your device

When you open the file, it will open up the Android Package Installer application on your device. Everything is super easy from this point on. Just tap on the “Install” button, and if the system asks you to confirm, tap on “OK” or “Confirm” or whatever dialog your device uses. You will also have to accept permissions just like you always do when you install a new application, because to function properly, Google Play Store needs access to certain things on your Android device.

In just a few seconds, you’ll be up and running with Play Store 7.5.08, the latest version. And if you also happen to use Android TV, make sure you install the same update there too so you can get rid of that annoying crash problem that has been plaguing us since 2016.

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