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In any of the hundreds of Android devices currently on the market, smartphones or tablets, Google Play Store an essential application that can’t be replaced. For Android users, there couldn’t be any better place to find the best apps, games and the rest of the entertainment content you love such as e-books, movies, and TV shows. Play Store is easy to use, enjoyable and really practical. It is constantly being updated by Google’s developers. Automatic updates will run automatically on any smartphone or tablet with Android OS 2.3 or higher with Play Store installed as a system app. If for any reason, Google Play Store is not installed on your Android device, or in case your device was rooted, or you need to get access to the most recent features and improvements without waiting for the automatic update of your device, the Google Play Store APK file can be immediately downloaded using the download link included in this post. Your time is certainly precious!


What is Play Store APK?

You might have read that last sentence and felt your eyes glaze over a bit. APK? What the heck is that? It might sound technical and complicated, but it’s pretty simple – APK is just what application files for Android are called. Every file type has an “extension” – Word documents are .doc, computer programs on Microsoft are .exe – and the extension for Android apps is .apk. So when we are talking about the actual file needed to install an application onto an Android device, we call it an APK file. Not too complicated, right?

So the Play Store APK is simply the file used to install Google Play Store. If you don’t have it installed on your device already, you’ll have to download the Play Store APK file. As we said, you can find the latest version of the Play Store APK right here and save yourself some time. You can even use this same process to skip to the front of the line when new updates are released by Google; automatic updates can take weeks to reach your device, depending on where you live and the type of Android you have. Staying up to date with Google Play Store is really important, since new features are added several times a year and bug fixes and other improvements are rolled out very often. So, follow the instructions below to learn how to download the Play Store APK onto your device, and check back often for new versions!

The easiest way to download the Play Store APK

To get the most recent version of Google Play Store APK, all you need is to download it directly from our site. Our site offers a totally safe, easy and completely free download of the Play Store APK file. If you have previously downloaded APK files and Android apps only from the Play Store on your current device, and have never tried to download from any other sites, you first need to go to your device’s security settings and check off the box next to “unknown sources”. This will give permission to your device to install the Google Play Store APK from our site. Then, tap on the APK download link, wait for the download to complete, and then open the file to start installation. You may be able to open the file either from the notifications bar when the download is complete, or simply by using a file manager app. Your device’s installer program and the Google Play Store app will guide you through the rest of the steps to install and setup your new version of Google Play Store, so just follow the instructions to enjoy all the latest Play Store features.

Recent updates to the Google Play Store APK

We haven’t seen any major changes since we graduated to version 6.0. Google Play continues with its clean, modern interface, and it was given a new organization scheme (Apps&Games and Entertainment). There is a nice new “Redeem” button, and a bunch of new performance improvements have been rolled out with each new version.

We can also see evidence in the actual code of the Play Store APK that developers are hard at work on creating a new Shared Family Library feature and the ability to send gifts to friends in the Play Store.

Bugs and bug fixes in Play Store

Previously, there were two main bugs that bothered users in the previous versions of Google Play, and the updates of the app took care of them (remember how we said it was important to keep your version of Play Store updated?). One of the bugs was the “My Apps” spinner freezing while loading, and the other was that many users weren’t able to download an app from the Play Store because of low disk space. Both of these problems can be fixed and the app’s overall stability and performance can be improved by downloading the newest version of Google Play Store APK file as soon as possible.

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