Play Store App

Android’s play store is great. Almost everything you can possibly come up with has already an app to it. Most of this content and even open source. This is why many users prefer Android and play store, and as a result, Android market is everywhere.


What happened to the play store app? Should I it?

When you buy a new device it will come with the play store app previously installed. But that is not true in every single case. So, what can you do if you just bought this new tablet or phone and it doesn’t have the play store app? In order to new apps you need play store, or that is what most people think. The truth is you have alternative ways to an app, and you can use them to get play store, too.

A quick fix on security before installing play store

Apps from play store are not necessarily safe, but at least they are virus-free. This is why your device will trust apps from the play store and frown upon external apps. But in this case you don’t have the play store, so you will need to overcome Android’s security to install.

To do that, you can go to Android’s settings. Scroll down to Security and tap on it. On device administration, you will see the option to install from unknown sources. Tap on it and it will show a warning window, but don’t be scared and tap Ok. When you finish, you will have enabled the option to install any app external to the play store.

Play store apk for free

Go to your web browser and type a trusted web like If you decide to type “play store apk” on Google, don’t be fooled by people selling the play store app. It is free elsewhere. On this website, you can many apps in their installer versions. To search on apkmirror, tap on the search form above and type “play store”. You will get it as the first result listed below, the others are previous versions of the same app.