Play store books

The google play store is a huge collection of all things which a person would want for entertainment like apps, games, books, movies, music and a lot more. The whole reason of it being the most used operating system in the world is probably the play store which presents a user with so many possibilities and options. You can use apps for productivity, games for entertainment, movies and music for pasting time and read book for knowledge gain. And all this you can do right from your phone and without even moving to any other place. A great incorporation in this system has been that of books.

play store books

Play store offers a wide range of books in its digital collection and in various mobile and pc supported formats which people can use directly on their phone, tablets, gadgets or any other supported devices. The google play store is reportedly the largest ever online ebook collection in the world with over five million titles on display for you to choose from and many more being added every day. You can also upload your own ebooks in the supported formats on the play store, up to 1000 titles per person. That makes the play store one of the largest and the most curated collection of ebooks on the planet.

A lot of categories to choose from

The play store has over five million titles of books for you to choose from and when you are offered such a diverse choice, it cannot be listed just like that. The play store has many categories in which the books are divided and they are also listed using various parameters which can be altered by you to get to the type of books that you read. You can choose amongst fiction, non-fiction, action, psychology, adventure, art, religion and various other categories by using simple filters. Even among the categories you can sort books by most downloaded, most popular, most read, most opened and various other filters so that you can see the type of books which are popular among other peers. This segregation allows you to choose the right type of books and also get an idea about the type using the reviews which others have left after reading.

Read on your favourite platforms

The ebooks available on play store are available in the standard epub and pdf formats generally which can be read on the google reader, kindle and other ebook readers which are available in the play store itself. You have complete freedom to choose the type of reader which is convenient for you and which suits your reading style. You can also read the books on your mobile, tablet, computer or any other platform which supports the format of the ebook. You don’t need to be restricted by the device which is used to download the ebook.

Free and paid books

While a lot of books are available for free download on the play store, most of the good books are paid and you have to buy them using the google payment system in order to get the full version. This is because a part of the payment goes to the book writers and all other people involved in the book release process while a part of it is retained as commission by google. So in order to ensure that the right and unabridged version reaches you, generally the good ebooks are paid ones and you will have to buy them first before you can use them.

For paying, you can use the google credit payment system where you can pay using your card, account, Paypal or any other mode of payment which google allows in your country. Paying for a book is very simple and is done in the currency of your country. This makes the payment process hassle-free and convenient. Once you have purchased the book, you can use it and read it as many times as you want without paying even a penny extra again. Also, the ebooks are much cheaper than the hard cover books which you will get in the market and hence this is a very convenient method to read books online.

So, if you are an avid reader or a mobile user who wants to start reading, you can easily use the play store to download your favourite books and start reading them. It is not only convenient but also very cheap on the pockets as compared to other means of reading like the Kindle or hard cover books. Furthermore, you can get reviews about certain books before purchase which can help you in selecting the right books to buy and not fall into the trap of reading books just because you have bought them.

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