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We can rate the company of Apple as one of the top companies in the world in accordance with its great achievements, and the famous iPhone from Apple is considered one of the best devices year after year. It is running on iOS operating system, and considered to be one of the strongest devices on the market. iOS restricts downloading apps except from the one and only iTunes App Store, and restricts music downloads unless they come from the iTunes Store due to the high security of the iOS system. Managing the device can be done directly on the iPhone or using the computer’s iTunes.


The apps of Android do not work for iOS devices, and at the same time, the apps that work on iOS devices like the iPhone do not run on any other operating system. It is well-known that Google Play Store is the top, best and biggest place for digital content ever. The Play Store app has a wide range of freedoms that the App Store, for example, doesn’t have, downloading any of its digital content to your Android device with an easy to use interface.

However, if you have an iPhone, and would like to access Google Play Store, what would you do?

Well, there is a way to go around the protection system of iOS, and we will explain that to you right here in this article. As we all know, Android devices can access the great Play Store, get more free apps and download anything more easily and with more freedom than the iPhone and other iOS devices. So, here in this article, we will tell you what you need to do to download Play Store for iPhone.

How to download Play Store for iPhone?

First of all, you will need to Jailbreak your iPhone, because the iOS jailbreak deletes the restrictions on the iOS software in Apple devices. This is done by using software exploits. Jailbreaking allows root access to the file system and manager of iOS, and that enables you to download extra applications, extensions, and themes that are unavailable through the App Store.

If your iPhone hasn’t been jailbroken, you’ll need to do this before you proceed with the other steps in this article. To do it, you will need to choose the one which works on the platform of your particular iPhone model from a trusted source, and download it onto your iOS device. Then, move on to installing it. At this step, it’s a good idea to ask advice from a tech-savvy friend who has experience jailbreaking iPhones.

After you’re sure your iPhone is jailbroken, your next steps involve installing some apps on your iPhone that will allow you to download Play Store for iPhone. Your first task here is to install Cydia, which is a package manager app for iOS devices like iPhone. It allows the user find and install packages of software on jailbreaked iPhones. Almost all of the software packages which are available through Cydia are free, but some of them are paid. But don’t worry – you shouldn’t need to use any paid apps for this process.

After that, sling the Cydia app from the home screen on your iPhone, tap on the “Manage” button, then “Sources”, and then tap on “Edit” and finally, check “Add”. Then, type the web address of Cydia and install it. Then, the next app you need to install is something called Bootlace. Bootlace is an application for iOS devices which enables the installation of iDroid and OpeniBoot, and sets up the settings of OpeniBoot (we’ll get to those in just a minute).

Now you can download Play Store for iPhone

Now, you are almost ready to download Play Store for iPhone by following a few steps. Make sure you follow them in the correct order to make sure everything works properly.

Firstly, run Bootlace (which you installed in the last section) and then reboot your iPhone. Wait a few seconds for it to boot again. When you’re in Bootlace, you’ll see an option to install OpeniBoot. Follow the on-screen instructions to install it on your iPhone.

Secondly, you have to install iDroid. Tap on the “iDriod” button after installing OpeniBoot, and press “OK”. This will be taking a few minutes to get it downloaded onto your iOS device. This needs some patience; after all, iDroid is the customized Android operating system for the iPhone, so you can’t expect it to finish in just a few seconds.

Once the installation of iDroid is completed, you get Android on your iPhone, and you can now explore what Android has to offer you. To download Play Store for iPhone, simply search for the Play Store app on the web, download and install it on your iOS device. We have a Play Store download link that you can use right here in this post for your convenience.

Accessing Play Store on your iPhone

Now, you have the option to boot your iPhone using the standard iOS operating system or Android. Boot with the Android operating system, and access all the apps that Google Play Store has for you.

While we can find a greater portion of the brands of smartphones and tablets running on Android, iOS is the operating system for Apple mobile devices ONLY. Some people prefer iOS devices which is fine; it’s a very safe and organized system. Others prefer Android because it is much easier accessing Play Store (and everything in it). I think both options are good, so it’s up to you. Whichever one you choose, you are absolutely making a fine choice.

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