Play Store download games

Mobile games are now very popular in every electronic device. In fact, they gain more popularity as time passes. Also, mobile game producing companies are tirelessly developing new updates for their games, as well as new games. Consequently, these come with better controls, graphics and a larger player community. In few words, mobile games are at their heyday, and it doesn’t seem it will end yet.

Play Store download games

How to download Play Store games

On another hand, Android is the world’s most extended OS. Along with it comes Play Store, which is the largest and most popular app store of all. And, of course, in Play Store, we can find thousands of interesting games. Besides, sagas, updates and new games make things more fun. That’s why you are, very likely, attracted to some specific game(s); it’s normal. So, in order to let the fun begin, we’ll give you a simple tutorial to teach you how to download games in Play Store. As an example, we will download Angry Birds, to make things easier for you.

  • Enter Google Play Store.
  • Press the search box located on the top part of the screen, and type in Angry Birds.
  • Tap on the first result in the results list, if necessary. Generally, by only typing in some famous apps you will automatically be redirected to its download page.
  • Now, touch the green Install button, located below the game’s name, rating and download information.
  • Read the game’s access requirements, and if you agree, tap on Accept.
  • Next, the download should begin. Now, just wait until the game is completely downloaded. The download time will vary depending on your internet connection’s speed and/or the game’s size. Interestingly, most games are not as light as regular apps.
  • After the download is finished, the installation will occur automatically; so you will have to wait a few seconds more.
  • Once installation has finished, you can finally open it and start playing! Keep in mind that many games will ask for registration first (through Google Play Games, Facebook or any other), and others will start downloading extra files, which are essential for the game’s functioning.

Popular games you should download

Now that you know how to download games (which is the same process to download any app in Play Store), we will give you a list of some of the most popular games available in Play Store. That way you won’t have to wander around without an idea of what to download.

  • Angry Birds. The game we put as an example is an excellent start. It is pure arcade fun, and the controls are great! It comes along with many sequels and sagas.
  • Plants vs. Zombies. One of the most played arcade games of all time, Plants vs. Zombies will keep you entertained! Its unique playability is something to admire. It also has various sagas.
  • Temple Run. Now, games that mix adrenaline with fun are attractive to most of us. Well, Temple Run is the game you need to combine both in a particular – and fun – way. It comes with a sequel, Temple Run 2.
  • Candy Crush Saga. Finally, a game that might seem boring, but once you start playing it, there is no way back. It is very addictive, and of course, entertaining. Other sagas are available.
  • Piano Tiles. It seems easy: tap on the black tiles, don’t tap on the white ones. But you will notice yourself that it isn’t easy at all. Besides, you will feel like a professional piano player. You can also obtain Piano Tiles 2, its renewed sequel with even more songs and features.

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