Play store download pending

Play Store showing download pending when you try to download applications from Play Store? All things considered, this could be a result of a current change in the way Play Store handles downloads OR perhaps your Play Store is trapped. There might be several reasons because of which the play store is showing this message every time you try to download more applications and try to install them. The reasons are mostly related to the way in which play store handles downloads and installations which is by using the FIFO route. That means, apps cannot be downloaded and installed simultaneously. They have to be downloaded one by one and once an app is being downloaded, no other app can be downloaded till it has successfully installed in your phone.

Play store download pending

Google has, off late, refreshed Play Store to download just a single application at any given moment, not numerous applications like some time recently. What’s more, this may be the reason you’re seeing download pending message in light of the fact that there may be different applications in line pending for download.

In the event that you need to clear the download line on Play Store with the goal that you download/introduce the application before all different applications in line, you can follow the steps given below:

  • Open Play Store application. This will be a multicoloured icon on your phone or tablet which you can tap in order to open it and start the play store.
  • Swipe-in from left edge of screen, and select My applications and games. Or you can also select the three lines beside the search bar in the google play store app which will bring out a menu where you will find the option my apps and games. Simply click on that option.
  • Here you’ll see all applications that are presently downloading on your telephone. To scratch off an application from downloading, select it and touch the X (cross symbol) close to the download advance bar to drop download for the application. This will stop the app from downloading and remove it from the queue entirely.
  • You can do this for all applications to clear the download line. One by one you can touch the apps, press the cross button and automatically stop the download and remove them from the queue.

After this, you can download and install the app which you want to directly by selecting that app from the play store and clicking on install. While some apps may ask you to accept some conditions or grant access to some of the internal things in your phone, most apps will start downloading after you have clicked on accept and started the download. After that, they will be installed automatically without the download pending error showing again.

In the event that the issue endures even in the wake of clearing the download line, you can try to remove the data which is stored and the cache memory for play store itself. This you can do by following the steps given below:

  • Go to phone Settings » Apps. The settings are present as an icon on the home screen or in the menu options which you have on your phone. Scroll down till you come to the Apps options which you have to click.
  • Select Play Store from the rundown of applications installed on your gadget. Your phone might have a lot of apps installed, a lot of them will be internal system apps which will be of varying sized. You will have to select the play store among these.
  • If you can’t discover Play Store on applications list. Search for an alternative show System or All applications introduced on gadget. The play store might be given a different name depending on the phone or the version of android installed, but it is always there and can be found easily.
  • Once on Play Store information page, Clear Cache and Clear Data. In case you’re on Marshmallow or higher Android renditions, select Storage, and after that reasonable cache and data from that point.

This will clear the cache memory and the data stored for the play store and will basically refresh the entire app store.

On the off chance that you are still unable to download applications, “Force stop” Google Play Store. To do as such, take after the steps given below:

  • Go to gadget Settings » Apps in the same manner as explained above
  • Select Google Play Store from the rundown of applications introduced on your gadget. This will again be in the same manner as you followed above.
  • Tap “Force Stop”.

This will stop the play store entirely and all the tasks that it is doing and will make you give it a command which it can then execute.

Ideally, the tips shared will enable you to overcome the download pending problem of the play store.

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