Play Store Fire: Install Play Store in your Amazon Fire Phone

Amazon Fire devices are famous for their outstanding price-quality relation. Few other electronic devices are as good as Amazon Fire devices for such low prices. No wonder why these devices’ sales keep growing incessantly… Some people think that Amazon Fire is a low-quality brand because of their relatively low prices. But their specifications and performance demonstrates the opposite. The truth is that they offer what the majority wants: low price, excellent quality. Even though Amazon Fire OS is based on Android, the Amazon Fire devices do not come with Play Store or the other Google Services. Instead, they are replaced with Amazon services, like Amazon Appstore, Amazon MP3 & Audible and Amazon Video. If you want to have Google Play Store in your phone instead of the Amazon Appstore, don’t stop reading, because Play Store Fire OS is possible. We will show you a way to obtain Play Store in your Amazon Fire Phone.

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Why choose Play Store over Amazon Appstore

Amazon Appstore is a good app store, but, indisputably, Play Store is recognized as the best app store of all. So it is understandable if you want to have Play Store in your phone instead of Amazon Appstore. Now, why is Play Store a better option? Let’s see:

  • Play Store is the largest app store that exists. Not because of its storage size; because it has the largest amount of apps, much more than any other. This is an important fact because Play Store counts with more exclusive apps than any other app store. If you have Play Store, your access to apps will be much larger than if using Amazon Appstore.
  • A great number of prestigious apps designed for mobile devices are only available in Play Store and Apple App Store, the most important app stores in the mobile device world. Thus, Play Store offers you high-range apps that you will not be able to find in Amazon Appstore.
  • Most of us are more familiarized with Play Store’s design, so you will more likely learn how to use Play Store in less time than you would do with Amazon Appstore.

Some important things to consider before Play Store Fire installation

Clearly, Play Store is the winner between it and Amazon Appstore. Now that we have concluded so, it is time to proceed to learn how to download and install Play Store in your Amazon Fire Phone. But before installing Play Store in Fire Phone OS, it is necessary to consider some facts that could interfere in the procedure, negatively or positively. Read them carefully:

  • Amazon Fire Phone is based on Android, so installing Play Store won’t be a difficult Remember that Android accepts APK files and their installation too. So, in order to install Play Store in your Fire Phone, the only thing you need is to download the APK version from internet and then install it in your phone.
  • This procedure can be done by any electronic device, but the important thing is that you will have to pass the downloaded file to your Fire Phone once it is finished. Anyways, it is easier to do it from a PC.
  • To avoid contaminating your phone with malware, don’t go to any other website that is not the one we recommend. If so, whatever happens is your responsibility.
  • It is necessary to activate the Unknown origins option to install Play Store in your Fire Phone. To do this, go to Settings > (General) > Security and select the Unknown origins If a check appears in the box, don’t press on it; the check means that it is already activated.

How to install Play Store Fire OS

We’ve previously considered relevant information before installing Play Store in any Amazon Fire Phone. Keep in mind all these details through this procedure to prevent complications or a security breach. And also remember that the principles established in the following tutorial will be useful to download any app too, not only Play Store.

  • The website we recommend to download the Play Store APK and then install it in your Fire Phone is UpToDown. This is one of the most renowned sites in what concerns to APK downloading sites. So, the first step is to go to the official website of UpToDown.
  • After entering in UpToDown, go to the Android category. It is located on the left side of the page, highlighted in green and next to the Android icon.
  • Once you enter this section, you’ll be able to see many apps that are intended for Android devices exclusively. Now, click on the search box on the upper part.
  • Introduce Google Play Store in the search box, and then press Enter or click on the Search icon which is located in the right end of the search box.
  • Click on the first result. Generally, it will be Google Play [Store]. If not, search until you find the original Play Store app. The correct result will be identified with the Google Play icon by its side.
  • Then, click on the big, green rectangular button. This is the button you need to click on in order to start the download. It should say Download Free 18.51 MB.
  • After being redirected, your download should start at the same time. Just wait patiently until the download is completed. The download time depends totally on the internet speed you’re using, because the file isn’t so heavy.
  • Pass the downloaded Play Store APK file to your Fire Phone.
  • Go to the location where you dropped the APK file in your phone and open the file.
  • Press Accept until Install appears, and press on it too.
  • Installation will occur immediately, and should not take much time.

In only some seconds, you will already have Play Store installed and functional in your Amazon Fire Phone. As we said, Play Store Fire is possible. Now, you don’t depend on the Amazon Appstore to accede to the apps you need. Play Store will now be your default app store!

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