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Google Play Store is like a haven of smartphones where you can get access to basically anything that you want. Whether it is an application, a book, a movie, TV show, jokes, or games, this is your one-stop shop. Google Play Store is available for almost all Android smartphones or tablets and is capable of fixing many of the problems about the OS, whether it is in regards to security or updates.


Play Store is your go-to place where you can find apps to make your life easier. Using these apps make you realize how much the technology has advanced and that there is a problem with every complexity of your life. It is a network and content library which is accessible by more platforms than any other.

1-   Downloading and Managing apps

The first thing that you can think of when you buy a new Android smartphone is redownloading your favorite apps or installing some new ones which you did not know of before or could not download in your previous phone because of low storage space. All you need to do is visit Google Play Store on your smartphone and write the keyword for the app in the search bar and ta-da! If you allow the Play Store to update apps automatically, you will not have to go to the trouble of updating your existing apps every time an update comes in. So, what are you waiting for? It’s all just a click away.

2-   Downloading and Sharing books, movies, music and much more

If you thought Play store was only about the apps, you are wrong! Google Play Store has evolved a lot over the past few years and has now become much more than a downloading hub for apps. You can not only buy but also rent movies or TV shows. You can also subscribe to the unlimited Google Play Music’s streaming service or buy the books of your favorite authors. It’s all available at one spot, and you do not have to visit different websites to get access to various content.

3-   Sharing and Reviewing apps

While downloading a new app, you might want to check it’s rating or read the comments about the app in regards to checking its performance or likeness. Reading the reviews help you to figure out if an app fits your needs or not or whether it has any bugs which might be of a problem. Furthermore, you can also rate and review the app yourself to give feedback about it which help the developers to make it even better. Google Play Store also allows you to share the apps with your friends and family.

4-   Google Play Family Library

Google Play Store is one step ahead of everyone and realizes that you would want to share your favorite paid, TV shows, books, or apps with your family. The Family Library allows you to do so and makes your connection with your family even stronger and helps you to keep up with what your family is up to.

5-   Using a Google Play Gift Card

It’s your lucky day if you have received a Google Play gift card. Since Google Play does not allow underage users to access Google Wallet, these gift cards might be your only chance to get your hands on the content that you want to purchase. You can get the Google Play cards from a variety of stores in plenty of countries. They are available at Walmart, CVS, Target, Walgreens, GameStop and many other stores in the United States. They are available with a credit ranging from $10 to $100.

Google Play Store is your rescue for all the mismanagement in your life. Whether it’s getting menus or recipes for food, automatic timetable, gym app, Google maps or whatever, it’s all at your door-step. It also provides you a shortcut for all of your social media accounts and allows you to access the anywhere, anytime. All you need to know is how to use it to our best advantage. Whether you have Samsung, Huawei, Nokia, or LG, if the smartphone has Android OS, Google Play Store will work for you.

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