Play Store Tutorial

Gone are the days of the discs, CD’s and the DVD’s. Everything that you want, everything that you need, is just a click away.


Be it online shopping, video games, notepads, reminders, calendars, trackers, social networking, everything can be easily downloaded on to your mobile phone, computer or tablet. The world is literally at your fingertips, beckoning you to delve into its deep, technological, virtual intricacies.

So, what do you need to get in touch with all those millions of applications designed to suit and serve you? Just an android and a Google Play Store application.

The Google Play Store comes built-in with all android software. In case you don’t already have one and need to download the Google Play Store application, we recommend you sit back, relax, and follow these few simple steps:

What version are you currently using?

Make sure you have installed the latest version.

  • Open the installed Google Play Store app.
  • Go to the settings.
  • At the bottom is the build number. That’s the current version installed.

Download the Google Play Store app

This is pretty easy. Go online and download from any trusted website or blog.

Enable “Unknown Sources” in Settings

When the Unknown Source setting is disabled, it stops you from downloading apps from anywhere other than the Google Play Store. Do the following to enable it:

  • Settings
  • Security
  • Locate Unknown Sources box and click on it
  • Press OK to the warning displayed after having read it.

Install the Play Store app through the file manager

  • Click on file browser and go to where you downloaded the Google Play Store APK. If you downloaded it on your device, then it will be on your SD card in the Downloads folder.
  • Click on the APK.
  • Next, read over any permission changes and click install.
  • You will now have the latest Google Play Store on your device.


So now you know how to install the latest version of the Google Play Store. The next thing you need to learn is how to operate it. You need to learn how to navigate through the Play Store. How to download and install applications. We will teach you how you can fully access your Google Play Store and make the most out of it. The process is defined in the following, simple steps:

Make a Google account

First and foremost, you need to ensure you have a working Google account. You will need it to access the Play Store. When you access it for the first time, you need a Gmail account that you can sign up or log in with. If you don’t already have one, either create one on your device or one on your computer.

Navigate to your device’s applications

After you access the installed applications, click on the Google Play Store icon. It will be an icon that has a white background with a green, triangular mark on it, much like the play button.


Log in to Google Account

You will only have to log in if it is your first time using the Google Play Store, else you will already be logged in. If you happen to have more than one accounts, than click on the menu. After that click on the down arrow to choose the one, you wish to use.

Open Google Play Store

You can find it in the applications of your device.

Pick a category

In the Google Play Store, there are primarily two main categories. The first is “Apps and Games”. The second being “Entertainment”. You have Google Play Movies where you can both watch and rent movies. Just like that, you have Google Music, Google Books, and Google Newsstand for those who enjoy reading about current affairs and magazines.

Search for specific items if you wish

There is a search bar at the top, just input the name of whatever you are looking for such as “Angry Birds” and click go.

Choose an item

Click the item or application that you find interests you. This will take you to the information page about that item, for instance, the size, the categories, the uses, etc.

Click “Install”

Click on the green “Install” button. You will then find that some apps are free and some are not. Free apps usually have adverts that pop-up and features you need to purchase to unlock. However, if you already happen to have that app on your device, you will get the option to “Uninstall”. Or an “Open” or “Update” option.

Purchase/Rent movies, music, books and other media

The Entertainment category is quite similar to the Apps category. However, in this category, you will get more options. You can purchase, rent and try out a trial version.

How to uninstall

In case you have apps you no longer want, you can easily uninstall them. Go to your apps page and hold on to it until the trashcan symbol appears at the top of the screen. Hold onto the app’s icon and drag it into the trashcan to uninstall.

These were the tricks you needed to learn to install Google Play Store and download applications from it. In case you feel the need to upload something follow the steps:

  1. Create an application
  2. Select “All Applications”
  3. Click on the drop-down menu
  4. Select a default language
  5. Add a title for your application
  6. Type the name of your app as you would want to be seen in Google Play Store
  7. Next, create your apps store listing
  8. Take the content and rating questionnaire
  9. Set up pricing and distribution
  10. Get your app ready for online testing and production
  11. Learn how you can distribute your app
  12. Publish your app finally using standard or timed publishing methods

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