Play Store Updates: Latest Versions 7.9 to 8.0 APK

Google Play Store has been making some exciting changes over the last few months. So many, in fact, that you might not have kept up with all of them. From late May through July, our favorite Android app and entertainment marketplace has leveled up from version 7.9.X to 8.0.X. In this post, we’ve got some information you might find helpful if you want to manually update Play Store with an APK for a specific version.

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We always recommend keeping your version of Google Play Store up to date so you can take advantage of all the latest features, bug fixes and security improvements. That being said, sometimes the latest version might seem to be giving you some trouble. In that case, one possible solution is to uninstall the updates and install an earlier version of the Play Store APK over it. Knowing some information about the Google Play Store changelog is very important when you do this so that you don’t wind up without your favorite functionalities.

What is Google Play Store?

Google Play Store is the official digital market where we get all kinds of apps for any device that runs on Android Operating System (OS). But in fact, the Play Store is a lot more than just an app market. You can find movies, music, videos, magazines, e-books, podcasts, periodicals and more. The Play Store app also helps you manage your device(s) as well, making your life easier with features like auto-updates.

Apps: find all kinds of apps you already know, in addition to hundreds of other new apps that you never would have dreamed of. You can easily explore the apps, or check the new releases and read their reviews to decide whether to give them a try or not.

Music: listen to and download your favorite music tracks, choose your favorite artist or band, find the best classics or new tracks, etc. You can also check the new releases, top charts and stay up to date.

E-books: there is a wide variety of electronic books in Google Play Store. If you love reading, and can’t imagine spending your free time without reading, keep up with Google Play Books and pick whatever you want from an endless list. Get the most recent novels, comics, textbooks, romance and more, tons of them just a tap away.

Newsstand: Google Play offers you subscriptions to magazines, web feeds, and server-generated topical feeds. You can have access to dozens of newspapers and magazines. Get breaking news and in-depth articles with audio, video and more about all different topics.

Movies: explore thousands of movies, top charts and latest releases. All the best movies are in the Play Store! You have a wide variety to choose your favorite movies from among thousands. Search for your favorite type of movies: comedy, action, thriller, romance, etc. and find your favorite actors as well.

Google Play Store update history: latest versions 7.9 through 8.0

In this section, you’ll find a brief changelog or version history of the most recent versions of Play Store to be released by the developers at Google. For your reference, we’ve included the original release date for each update, along with any noticeable differences between a version and the one before it, if applicable.

  • Google Play Store 8.0.23 released July 1, 2017
    The most recent update available as of this writing. Like the previous version, this Play Store 8.0 has support for a streamlined app changelog viewing procedure. However, this feature may not be available for all users yet. It appears that Android users downloading new, stable versions of Google Play have access to it, regardless of location, but there may be exceptions.


  • Google Play Store 8.0.22 released June 30, 2017
    Our first APK release after leveling up to Google Play Store 8.0, this update has a very interesting new feature for some users. We all know how important it is to keep our apps updated, and Play Store is good at managing that with automatic app updates. But sometimes, after dozens of apps asking you to update, you get a bit cynical and wonder if the update is even worth the 30 seconds it take to download. Before 8.0, if you wanted specific information on what came with the new update for an app on your device, you would have to go to the app’s page in the Play Store and expand the “What’s New?” section.


With this update, certain users (depending on geography, device, carrier, etc.) are getting a streamlined way to check if an update is worth their time or not. From the “Updates” tab, you will still see a list of apps with available updates. What’s changed is that there is now a little down arrow that you can use to display the changelog provided by the developers of the app for that specific update. Much more convenient!


  • Google Play Store 7.9.80 released June 21, 2017

Nothing major has changed since the last update released the day before. Some users report having “force close” issues with this one, so it might be best to choose version 7.9.64 or one of the 8.0 Play Store updates.


  • Google Play Store 7.9.64 released June 20, 2017

No noticeable changes in this version compared to the previous. However, since a substantial amount time (for app updates, anyway) has passed, the behind the scenes fixes for bugs, security weaknesses, etc. are probably worth the update.


  • Google Play Store 7.9.52 released June 8, 2017

No major news to report for this update aside from some small tweaks that will probably be imperceptible to most users.  


  • Google Play Store 7.9.45 released June 7, 2017

Like most of the other Play Store 7.9.X APKs, nothing of particular note in this update.


  • Google Play Store 7.9.32 released June 7, 2017

No important changes between this version and the ones from the day before. These are likely just dev updates.


  • Google Play Store 7.9.35 released June 6, 2017               

Nothing noticeably different between this version of Play Store and the previous one; likely a few bug fixes, etc.


  • Google Play Store 7.9.41 released June 6, 2017               

No major changes to report, just standard bug fixes from previous releases.


  • Google Play Store 7.9.34

Our baseline version for this post, this is the minimum version that most people would have been running in late May/early June of this year. The big deal with Play Store updates made around May 31 was a new feature supporting “promotional” notifications. This is basically a new “Notifications” tab in the Google Play Store settings, where you can opt in to receive notifications about new games or special deals that you might be interested in.


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