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Google Play Store is the world’s most used app store, and also the one which contains most apps. You can find all type of apps in Play Store. The most popular ones are social networking apps, games and instant messaging apps as well. Millions and millions of people download or update apps through Play Store every day. Nobody can deny that Google Play Store has the apps you are looking for. Now, Play Store work apps are less relevant, but impressively useful. This article’s goal is to show you why you should install one of the Play Store work apps right now. These apps will make your work much easier, because they are designed to simplify office and work tasks. Let’s analyze some of the best Play Store work apps and some of their most relevant characteristics. Maybe we’ll convince you to download one of these apps.

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The best Play Store work apps of all

Even though most of the apps we will mention are not designed specifically for work, they perform just fine as so. Thus, if you work with documents, files and other things that require PC or laptop usage, this article is specially made for you. Now, let’s review the best Play Store work apps in existence.


Cloud-based storage apps are very helpful for all PC workers, and all those who use electronic devices, in extension. Dropbox lets you store all type of files in the cloud. Thus, the files you keep in Dropbox will not occupy space in your device; excellent for those who have to keep a great number of files in their devices for work purposes. But that’s not all. It also gives your files backup, thanks to the storage in the cloud. So, if you accidentally erase some files, lose them or are victim of a robbery, you can recover them easily. And the best part is you can recover them from any device, by only logging in to your Dropbox account.

Besides, you can share your files with any person through Dropbox. If you need to share a file with many other workers, Dropbox gives you a solution: sharing a file simultaneously with several users. Try Dropbox and see how your efficiency in work improves considerably, and also becomes more fun!


Videoconferences have never been so easy thanks to Skype. In few time, this instant messaging/videoconference app has passed to be the most renowned videoconference app of all. Even though its first boost of popularity was due to the PC version, the increase of mobile devices throughout the world made the mobile version of Skype gain fame as well. Actually, workers use videoconferences constantly. That’s why you should have Skype, especially if you are the one in charge. Videoconferences come with more speed and enhanced quality when they are made by Skype. Plus, it is totally free. The only thing you will need is connection to internet. Download and install Skype to start enjoying of the world’s most famous videoconference app.


Keeper is a must-have for company owners or any other people that have access to confidential files. This app keeps in a safe place all the files you store in it: images, videos, documents, music, and other files. Its principal feature is that it locks it safe with a password created by you. Or, if you please, you can activate the fingerprint reader for safer, faster unblocking. Keeper is especially designed for work, because its security level surpasses average similar apps. You can also keep all your passwords in it, so you can access your passwords with only remembering one password (if you enable the fingerprint reader, that won’t be necessary either).

The sophisticated security based on high-quality encryption of your information will keep your files and passwords safe from hackers and other intruders. If, for some reason, you lose your phone, it counts with an auto-destruction option, that way no one will see your private things. Plus, it counts with an intuitive, customizable design that will make your procedures much easier.

Undoubtedly, you will be able to keep your company’s classified information as secure as possible with Keeper. Why rely on paper – like before –, when apps like Keeper exist? It’s easier, faster, and safer. Definitely, consider downloading it.


Documents that need to be signed and later sent to another place are not safe through the process. In some occasion, the files might suffer damages or can be stolen. There are more reasons why files in paper are not a good idea. The problem is that it’s the traditional way…

Well, now signing and sending signed files is much safer, and way easier, thanks to Docusign. With this excellent app, you can send, receive and sign files that need so. Don’t rely on mail, e-mail, fax or other insecure methods. Most people use them because they are used to do so, but you don’t have to be part of those who choose the old way. Protect your classified, personally-signed documents. Also, others can send files to you through Docusign, and you will be able to sign it electronically from your mobile device and then send it back.

WPS Office

WPS Office is the solution to those who need to open and edit different types of electronic office documents: it offers the possibility of viewing and editing all types of Microsoft Office documents in one app. It is totally compatible with each Microsoft Office format: Word, PowerPoint, Excel, and more! Not only is it compatible with Microsoft Office documents, but also Google documents, like Google Presentations, Google Documents, etc.

In few words: WPS Office will let you manage all the most famous office documents in one place. That way, it won’t be necessary to rely on other apps or to use different devices just to access different types of documents. It also counts with a very useful PDF convertor and reader. Any worker will love WPS Office, which is easily considered as the best office app of all.

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