Playstore for pc

We are now looking for the possibility of having Play Store for pc. That way we can have the advantages of our Android apps on the computer. If you think this is the coolest possibility ever, keep reading to make it happen.

Android has been very famous since its launch. It has been very controversial considered it has broken a few molds in the technology world. It has offered us users something never seen, and something that we needed. Android brought us an Operative System for modern day cellular phones like no other. It is an OS that allows us to reach where no other phone has ever reached before. Now we crave for more and Android, knowing the beating pulse of the masses, responds. It has also brought us a Play Store, that used be referred to as an Android Market.

A place where every application imaginable could be published for anyone who owns an Android running smartphone could it. Some are paid but most of them are free. You are able to find from games, books, software for our phones, to music, digital tools and even wallpapers.

The sky is the limit when looking for anything you desire to have. Perhaps, this is what keeps us wanting more and what keeps Android giving more. Nowadays, this market is called Google Play Store and, although it was originally intended for Android-based devices only, it has expanded its borders to accommodate a PC in their chambers. Our current needs and desires push us towards expanding our horizons.

Advantages of Google Play Store on your PC

The advantages of having installed Google Play Store on your PC are huge. Not only will you continue playing that favorite Android-based game on your PC but you will have the opportunity to experience it at maximum size screen.

Not to mention having the dream come to true when you said one day ‘if I could only have this on my PC’. Well, now you can get that dream made into reality. The requirement of having this magical wonder on your computer is having an emulator in your Windows Vista, 7, 8 or 10, any version of them works.

Unfortunately, The Play Store cannot run on itself like any other program, because Android software includes files with .APK as the extension, while Windows programs are .EXE. This is what the emulator takes care. It is a program capable of running APK files in a Windows environment. Basically, simply put, the emulator lets you have smartphone from your computer desktop.

How to Play Store for pc

Blue Stacks is one of the options to install an emulator on your PC. Simply, download this software from your best third party source and install it as any other software program in Windows.

When you launch you will have to configure Blue Stacks just as you set up your phone the first time you turn it on. When you finish you will have an Android-based devices called PC, and ready to run any APK file you desire, like the Play Store. Select as well another third party source of your liking to the Play Store APK’s file and launch it. That is it! Enjoy your world of Android directly from your desktop.

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