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Google Play Store needs no introduction. We can resume it by only saying that it is the world’s most used app store. In fact, it is the app store that counts with the largest amount of apps. It is the default app store in Android OS, so every Android device should have its own Play Store. Many Android users have noticed that Play Store has almost every app that they want. Due to its prestige, the great majority of apps that are launched make sure to appear in Play Store, because it means more public. And more public means more possibilities of triumph. We also know that Play Store stores thousands and thousands of interesting apps, and that is why, in this article, we will highlight the best apps actually, along with their Play Store download link.

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The best apps of Play Store

Sadly, you can’t have all the apps you want in your device. Storage is never unlimited (at least not for now), so you have to choose wisely what apps to keep in your device, and which ones should be sacrificed in order to make place for the new ones. Well, the apps that will be mentioned in this list are those that you should never sacrifice; the ones you want to keep, even though erasing other apps is necessary to do so. So, take a look at the best apps you can find in Play Store nowadays. And remember that we cannot mention in the list all the apps we want… our storage is limited too.


WhatsApp is on the top of instant messaging apps, and others compete for the second place, knowing that reaching WhatsApp will be a very hard task. It doesn’t necessarily mean that the others are worse than WhatsApp; it’s just that WhatsApp has too many users. It is practically a default app, because most Android users think of downloading WhatsApp as one of the first apps.

Telegram can be easily recognized with second place in this competitive category of instant messaging apps. Its characteristics overcome – by much – WhatsApp’s characteristics, like it or not. It offers very fun stickers, customizable themes, several profile pictures, supergroups, the worldwide famous Telegram secret chat with high-range encryption and message autodestruct, and much more. There are many reasons why to choose Telegram over WhatsApp, but it is all up to you. The principal problem is almost always the same: not so many use it. So share it with your friends to expand the Telegram users’ community!

Here is the Telegram Play Store download link:


Instagram, for many, is the best social networking mobile app. Even though others, like Snapchat, are serious rivals, Instagram keeps on maintaining itself on the top of the mobile app social networks.

Instagram’s easily understandable design makes it simple for anyone to use it. Besides, it is especially intended to be fun to use and somehow addictive. Principally, pictures are what reign in Instagram. But, recently, videos increase in popularity – videos that don’t exceed one minute of duration. The followers feature, which has always existed in Instagram, has made many people get obsessed with Instagram, with the firm goal of obtaining more followers. Others only use Instagram for fun or to keep in touch with family and friends.

The good thing about Instagram is that it makes keeping in touch way much easier. You may follow hundreds of people, but for some reason (Instagram’s algorithms) you will most likely find the pictures of your closest friends or the celebrities you most admire. If you are a smartphone user, think about downloading Instagram. Join the growing Instagram team.

Now, this is the Instagram Play Store download link:

CM Security Master

Before entertainment, security is very important in mobile devices. If your device does not have an app that optimizes its performance and cleans the garbage files, it is in a large risk. Malware can infect your device in any time. Thus, avoid having a contaminated phone by relying on apps like CM Security Master. Like its name indicates, it’s the Master in what refers to security.

One of its principal features is AppBlock. With AppBlock, you can block/unblock the apps that you want to, with a password made by you, that doesn’t necessarily have to be the same as your phone’s unblock password. Besides, if some intruder wants to get into some app by guessing your password and introduces a wrong one, CM Security will take a picture in that moment with the frontal camera, and show it to you when you unblock the app. No one can lie to you with this feature, you have the evidence.

Of course, CM Security Master comes with interesting device-optimizing motors that will keep your phone malware-free and in the best conditions possible. Its performance will improve significantly since the moment you start using CM Security Master. And it offers a private navigation feature, so you can browse internet without registering history, cookies or other information. The moment you exit the browser, all that data will be immediately erased. Give it a chance! You won’t regret it.

Play Store download link for CM Security Master:

Subway Surfers

Make a boring day fun with games like Subway Surfers. This addictive arcade game will keep you stuck to the phone’s screen for a while. The only thing you have to do in this game is swipe to any direction to avoid the incoming trains and other obstacles that appear through the way. You will be moving faster every minute, and things get harder as you run for more time. The goal is to run the largest distance possible. To make it possible, gadgets are progressively unblocked as you advance in the game, along with other characters.

You will surely have a good time each time you play Subway Surfers. Compete with your friends too, to see who reaches the highest scores!

Now, the Subway Surfers Play Store download link:

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