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Google play store is a system app which comes pre-installed in any mobile phone which has the android operating system. It is one of the most essential apps if you want to take full advantage of the android os and want to download additional utility apps, games, books, movies and other things of entertainment. While it is not entirely possible to remove the app, since it is just a normal app which comes pre-installed, it might happen that you delete or uninstall it by mistake or it starts to malfunction due to some errors or some issues in the android system. This will bring all your activity to a standstill as you won’t be able to download more apps and neither will be able to utilise all the features of android.

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In case your play store goes corrupt, has some errors or you uninstall it due to some reason, it is likely that you will get all worried and tensed about getting it back. But you don’t have to be worried as the android play store apk is the thing that will come to your rescue. An apk file is just like a .exe fine in a computer, it is basically used to install an app outside the android play store. And for people who lose the access to android play store, you can reinstall it using the apk file for the android play store. The process is a very simple one and you need not be a tech genius in order to do it. Just follow the steps given below and you will be able to install the play store back in your phone.

  • You can download an apk file for the google play store easily from the internet. You can either conduct a google search for the same and get plenty of links that will guide to to pages which will have free download links of apk files for play store or you can get a direct download link. You can also go to individual software download sites which allow you to download free apk files for the play store on your pc or your registered android phone directly. Another option could be to download the apk file right from the google play store website which is provides the file for free download and usage.
  • If you have downloaded the apk file to your pc, you would need to transfer it to your phone by means of a USB or wirelessly via Bluetooth, email or cloud. If you have directly downloaded the file to your phone, you can use it directly from there as the final installation will be on your phone only.
  • Now open the apk file just like you open a .exe file in your computer. When you click on the apk file, you will be prompted with a message to cancel the opening as the file might harm the phone. This is a system message from android which has been put in place to prevent any third-party apps from getting installed so as to maintain security and privacy of your content and phone. But since you really need the play store for your phone, you can go ahead and install the file by clicking on the relevant option without being afraid of any side effects. If you have downloaded the apk file from a trusted website and source, you should not be afraid that it will be containing any virus or malware.
  • Once installed, the play store icon would be back on your phone and you will be able to access the play store just like you used to earlier.

This method of installation of the play store is helpful when you are facing issues in the play store and need to reinstall it in order to remove the issue. It is also useful when you uninstall it by mistake and are unable to download apps and games which is the whole purpose of having a costly phone in your hands. The apk system of installation also ensures that the apk file is still present in your phone and you can use it to download the play store if need be in the future. Also, if you need to send it to a friend for similar purposes, you can do so easily as the apk file is small and easy to transfer.

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